Rose – White spaghetti – Sweet Dish

Why always spicy food, at times we can have a sweeter taste with food as well. For sugar – carbohydrate is the first thing a plant makes ! Here is a sweet dish!


Rose preserve, White Compound (I used Amul white compound WCO 20), white spaghetti (I used white noodles, as I had that) That is it!

Caution: See is you can consume preserved rose petals! Else use nuts or anyother taste enhancer.

Step 1. Take 200 grams of WCO 20

Step 2. Put in microwave heating bowl and heat it

Step 3. See my white compound was frozen so it was not melted in 30 seconds.

Step 4. I heated it in microwave for another 30 seconds. Now it has melted, once must know they have low melting points, so check when lightly melted take off the heat. Don’t overheat.

Step 5. Now add the preserved rose petal preserve (preserved in sugar) as I have explained in other article. 2 spoon of preserve in this 200 grams.

Step 6. Mix well.

Step 7. By now you can side by side heat the 70 grams white spaghetti, I took white noodles, I love its taste, and I was not having this white white spaghetti, (always short on raw materials). Lay out the hot heated white spaghetti on plate, spread well in plate.

Step 8. Put the contents of bowl with white compound – rose preserve in plate and mix well. All contents but 2 spoons – leave 2 spoon in the bowl only

Step 9. Lay it out, expand in plate.

Step 10. Heat the 2 spoon content in bowl for 10 -15 seconds to make it soft – as we will decorate the center of this sweet dish with a rose. Some preserved rose will also heat up and give this shade as below.

Step 11. Make the decoration rose with this content. Here it is.

Step 12. Keep it in fridge normal shelf for 2 minutes.

Step 13. Its ready, cool and tasty. Though you may try it hot as well, it was tasty even hot.

Step 14. Scoop out in your bowl.

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