Omicron, Delta, Symptoms same — Time to know more of Biology till Statistics of Omicron are available

Why not understand the biology more than the following:

  1. Antibodies
  2. T-cells

We now need to understand somewhat more, why- another variant has come in when it was time to say goodbye to virus. We all thought vaccines have come in and no more virus can trouble us. But then a mutation of same corona virus variant comes in all of sudden.

Yes, top doctors are taking of Omicron resilient vaccine. Good for now. But as per news today, and references given below, still statistics of impact of virus spread and impact are not know, they say it is too early to tell as of now.

However, the symptoms reported for Omicron are almost similar to delta and even to first version of the corona. The symptoms reported in reference [1] are as follows: cold, fever, cough, loss of taste and sensations to mention a few. But these are symptoms over all the variants we have seen. Now the virus definition have changed. But symptoms are same, T-cells produced with vaccines and antibodies made with help of vaccines makes it easy to control the virus from replicating as the antibodies combines to the spikes in protein of the virus. Hence, making virus replication difficult.

What is vaccine — ever thought ? So when the virus enters a person who have not been vaccinated — does human body produce antibodies and T-cells ? This is a question — doctors have to answer. The impact may be different as the quantity in which the virus enters the body may be different and at times a prepared body responds better. One needs to answer this medically, or biologically, not just wait for statistics to be collected. We have medical doctors who have spend their lives studying biological processes in human body. So it is the message to top doctors in world to understand how- the T-cells and antibodies produced by the vaccine in vaccinated people interact with the antibodies produced in human body as a natural response to new virus Omicron. Some antibodies human body shall make when exposed to new virus Omicron— or not — please answer this doctors ?

Now once you answer this question, you need to find relation that exists between different kinds of virus. All this will prepare us for any new variant of the virus. The symptoms are similar to seasonal viral flu. But the impact are different once the time passes by. The viral fever lasts here for 4–5 days — but corona starts deteriorating after this period of time, while seasonal viral flu people recovers. Once again I am not a medical doctor all this information is based on my knowledge and interest in humanitarian works. So confirm these with a medical doctors.

Now to be more robust as a civilization. We need to understand with help of medical doctors, what is happening inside the human body as corona days pass. Just like we have chart for tuberculosis treatment day after day, the ATT therapy to mention one. How was ATT therapy and other therapy designed for tuberculosis ? One prevention technique for tuberculosis, a bacteria based disease is that, to give anti-biotics ! Now — how is this lung infection detected ? Even in corona in extreme cases people are unable to perform well on lung function — -doctors how long can we wait on for statistics ? Why cant we study what is going on inside human body ? Something like a sputum test or more comprehensive lung test to know — what actually is happening inside human body ?

There are two things- one is spread of virus and second is impact on human body. They are given as follows:

  1. Spread of virus — This is determined by statistics and can be stochastic in nature, why, as some countries are able to contain the virus — for example Singapore and China seem to contain all kinds of virus, with strict policies. Hence this is about the spread of virus.
  2. Second is impact of virus — We need to study the internal effect of virus in human body for that. Just like we study diabetes — when we know that insulin production in body have ended. In the same way — how can a person loose taste and senses in corona ? Which body organ is related to this ? Next is lung becoming highly impacted ? So biology should be studied — how can lungs be impacted in this huge way ? The imapact of virus on human body should be same be it be in any country. So we cant say a virus is deadly in country A while it is not deadly in country C. The inner anatomy of human body, response shall be same for any human body, unless it is effected by human genes as well, which to the best of knowledge till now, there is no such thing in corona virus to be human gene specific.

So what I am saying, is we are analyzing statistics — which is dependent on lot of factors and is statistically stochastic in nature, depending on the lockdowns in region as in Singapore. Now, we need to study the biology, the inner working of the virus in human body to understand the severity and for future research to make medicines for the same. Why medicines ? As it was told in news antiviral need to be given at a right time frame to be effective. What after that — — we need to understand that the following are two different things as per my understanding (once again I am not a medical professional):

  1. Virus replication in body
  2. Impact other than virus replication

Virus is replicated, it causes irritations, and cold and cough happens, correct me if I am wrong in it. I am open to hear more to understand it more, given doctors don’t have time to do all this, given the load on NHS. So, that means those who are suffering and are in hospitals must be having the antibodies to the new variant Omicron and the T-cells as well. How much is the rate of production of these antibodies in people who are in hospitals ? Why we need it ? To know how much virus is replicating after 3–4 days, as the patient did not take the vaccine nor the anti-viral and landed up in NHS. Once this is known which organs or cells the virus is impacting ? How is lungs getting worse ? Explain from human anatomy and biological processes happening in this phrase. Once we know this — we can confirm that same process is happening inside lungs in all variants of virus, or is it that lungs are infected by virus, and filled in with mucus as it happens in tuberculosis ? If we understand this difference, we can find the solutions too, medicine today can find solutions to even rare diseases ! This seem to be like asthma attack or lung pneumonia or what it is in medical terms ? Doctors, what is the medical term for this ?

Then next question is lack of taste and smell. Now one must understand how the virus is effecting these organs. Dear doctors, we understand you are over working and doing more than the best, hence may be some biologist or even zoologist who have time can help us understand — how a virus can effect the taste and smelling capabilities of any animals ? So dear Zoologists please explain when does a mammal looses taste — problem with taste buds probably ? And when does a mammal looses smell, problem with nose organs. I have not studied biology after my 10th grade. These are questions which even vet doctor can help us in -given our doctors are busy saving as many as possible, hence wont have time and energies to do this study.

Just saying this virus is a deadly virus which is going out of control is not enough now, as we are getting new mutations, and how long can we entertain new mutations ? Hence vets and zoologists can explain to us the biology behind these symptoms — viz. breathlessness , loss of smell , loss of taste and how it is related to virus. Does virus cause organ failure related to these actions in human body ? If so how — and how all virus are producing same symptoms, that means same T-cells can fight it all, to stop it from replicating. And which organs are impacted, how can they be saved after 3–4 days have been passed, the safe period to take anti-viral pills for the unvaccinated.

Once we get the answers, it may help us create some treatments too as we created insulin to make diabetic people live life normally even after an organ Pancreas have stopped working properly. Just like we created asthalin for people with asthama who have difficulty breathing, just like we created cure for tuberculosis, a lung infection, just like a virus called HIV is being treated. Note there is not vaccine for HIV as of now, but the treatment to HIV is there, and people can live long life with HIV. That too effects immune system, so that means we can create treatment for people with corona as well, for that one need to understand, which organs are impacted and how we can treat them in a generic way. The logic is based on fact that internally all virus are producing same symptoms in human body, I am not a medical doctor to certify this, but this is what I have understood of virus. So we have the following

  1. Prevention- vaccination and boosters
  2. Cure-Antiviral
  3. Treatment- this need to be understood just like you understood any organ failure such as diabetes or lung infection or may be any other virus which have been successfully treated, btw what medicines are given in such existing viral infections to increase the lifespans ?

Once again I am not a medical doctor to certify this, but this is what I have understood of virus and my aim is to heal as many as possible for the betterment of the world health.




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