Sun retains its state, to current, Why Not? With right food in form of hydrogen gas it needs to provided by Man extracted with AI Robots from parts of Universe to it

@lex on LinkedIn wrote:

“Our sun was born 4.6 billion years ago and will die in about 5 billion years. So, humans emerged on Earth as part of our sun’s midlife crisis.”

My Question and Suggestion.

5 billion years- Can be it retains its state, to current. with right food in form of gases it needs to provided by Man and parts of Universe to it~~

When Astro-Robotics grows, may be we may not be living by that time. But then hydrogen made in Jupitar Planet can be send to Sun to replenish the Sun?

Or May be the right Asteroids containing the food for Sun–Hydrogen be redirected there with help of technology and AI.

It is possible. Man can do it! But it will take time. We may not be there to witness it. Its can take decades and centuries to complete the tasks.

If you choose to use AI to direct the right asteroids to Sun then — we can clear the garbage in space as well. Way too many asteroids in space.

Good luck future generations.

So my suggestion is–

Use– AI to direct asteroids in Sun–They carry food for sun and can clean the space from garbages in Universe.


To set up robotic units in planets to get the right materials — gasses needed for Sun –

The life cycle of Sun is as follows:

1. Giant Gas Cloud
2. Protostar and star formation
3. Red Giant

Hydrogen atoms converted into helium. Hydrogen fuel runs out, and the internal reaction stops. Star contracts. Red giants is formed it is cooler than star, and because of this, they appear red than yellow.

4. The Fusion of Heavier Elements

Helium molecules fuse and star expands. Carbon fused, once the helium fusion ends. Then iron fusion and core collapse. Supernova and white dwarfs formed as per size of stars.

5. Supernovae and Nebulae

Heavy Star blasted away into space, but the core becomes a black hole. Small stars don’t blast, their cores contract to hot star called white dwarf while the outer skin sheds out. Even smaller become red dwarves and can burn for trillion more years.

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