Air Conditioners and Their Effect on Climate Change. #Green_Cooling

This article is to emphasize that we need Green Cooling.

How to do and perform Green Cooling ? A cooling which cost Earth, Atmosphere and Climate Change least-

Here are some questions that need to be answered for Green Cooling.

  1. What are options to climate friendly cooling in hot summers
  2. A recent news shows white color do helps, this reminds me of my village, where certain kind of local natural things were used to cool the houses. It was a great news.
  3. Apart from that constant water flowing can help in cooling too. Have anyone thought of it?
  4. Do Air Conditioners costs ozone a lot ?
  5. Do Air Conditioners cost Earth more than what is the benefit from it?
  6. How much heat each Air Conditioner Produce in its Exhaust?
  7. What happens to a place when so many air conditioners, release this much of heat in atmosphere ? Does it effect the local region weather ?
  8. If so what is the mathematical formula to compute the gross heat produced by Air Conditioner to cool a house?
  9. Why coolers are not preferred?
  10. Why no other better ways to cool?
  11. Today a simple thing was shown in news, coloring by white color–can reduce temperature by 3-4 degrees. How to improve it further? This can be just the beginning of a new ways of cooling.
  12. How do people before industrial revolution used to cool their houses?
  13. With water evaporations?
  14. How can we cool, which other thing can cause cooling ?
  15. How do water kept in a mud vessel become cool on itself ? Can you use this ?

All these need to be answered to make a way to Green Cooling–

Long way to go—

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