Paints, Colors and Their Effect On Climate Change #GREEN_PAINTS #GREEN_COLORS

The aim of article is for you to be encouraged to buy paints and colors that are environment friendly. Hence costing Earth lesser and charging climate change much lesser.

Nowadays, synthetic plastics have come up in market. Please be wise in choosing your choice of paints used in painting walls, doors and indeed anything. Use GREEN PAINTS.

Here are some questions and points as well. Once you answer them for the paints you choose you shall know the cost of the paint you are using to Earth and hence to Climate. Choose right things. Be Wise.

  1. Are paints containing plastic are cheaper ?
  2. Paints earlier used rubber as binders now synthetic plastics. Is it true?
  3. What happens when this paint is taken out ? Is it recyclable? –It is synthetic !
  4. Why rubber based plastics have been reduced now ?
  5. Do synthetic plastic based paints have more selling points ?
  6. Are synthetic paints containing plastic more robust to heat ?
  7. Do synthetic paints cost Earth a lot, in terms of cost of making and pollution ?
  8. Are synthetic paints using plastic as binder, more sellable form marketing perspective ?
  9. Are synthetic paints just like a kind of cover of walls ? That can be cleaned with cloth?
  10. Same questions for coloring used. Is the color — green color ?
  11. How to make Green Paints ? What research to follow to make green paints affordable and popular ?
  12. How to make Climate Friendly Colors and use them and popularize them ?
  13. The colored Green Colors ?
  14. Even painting colors
  15. Even cosmetic colors– we need natural colors, climate friendly and costing Earth the least?
  16. What are the answers to how we used to paint and color when industrial revolution was not there ?

What are the answers to these questions ?

All this can answer the real cost the paints bear to the Earth and Climate Crisis?

But what are the answers- Then I can build a mathematical model for it– Can you help me in answering these ?

Here are some references:


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