Why not invest some money earned for development of native tribes? Who shall fill in this gap ?

As Stuart Wilde said “We are all tribes growing with time”. Who is responsible for massive poverty in regions of world? So many regions, just recently Afghanistan came to focus of world.

The best wanted a better lives for themselves, but be humble and don’t forget those who need your support ~~

Why not give back to the region one belongs to ? So many places in world need healing, if the people don’t help their own tribes who shall ?

Why should I invest my time in it when they are left aloof by their own people? I am a normal person some have gained enough fame and powers….

Why not those who belong to the tribe invest in the tribe’s development. All they need is your guidance while you are busy making your lives comfortable.

Asking money from others to do is not always fair.

You left them midstream, you were the brightest of them.

You should invest in well being of the tribes in money, time, energies and more.

They need your time, not just your money, they your energies as you understand the grassroot problems the most.

There is no better service than to serve place you came from.

Not just in asking world to help them. But by contributing yourselves.

Donate yourself first in proportions of your gains then ask other to help. Everyone is going through problems in last years esp. in corona times……

And to assure them that they are not alone.

If you combine the status you have and what the tribe has lost, it would be tremendous. How shall this gap be filled had you led them ?

Had you led them, would they had succeeded in the same was as the career you are in succeeded ?

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