Pink Resume: Shaamena is a Women who wants her resume to be pink and different from a man’s resume

#Short story

This article is about a woman who is mother of 4 children and is making her resume after a break. Her name is Shaamena

There may be women who may want their resume to compete with men- a blue resume, Shaamena call it so. But Shaamena is happy to accept she is quite different from men around in many ways. Shaamena would rather have a pinkish colored resume.

The resume, which don’t just have Shaamena academics and work experience but also to have the notice of my struggles of being a woman.

Shaamena being hormonal and sensitive to my monthly cycles.

Yes, Shaamena can’t work that much during that time of month

Yes, Shaamena‘s voice is not like her male counterparts at times–tough.

Shaamena want her resume to be pink, with love Shaamena have to give to Shaamena work.

Shaamena want to be considered as a mother, his-girl and even a grandmother, when time comes.

And Shaamena is proud that these roles her male counterparts cannot take these fields and copy in their drafts.

Many women may like to compete with men but Shaamena dont want to. Shaamena want to work for reason and income.

Its everyone’s own choice.

But Shaamena have her option  to be called

Different from men—

Different from men in the way Shaamena work,

Different from men in the way Shaamena speak

Different from men in the way Shaamena do things

Hence a different fields in resume for her, please.

Shaamena perhaps don’t want to mess up with work ethics and work dress codes.

Shaamena waiting for pink resumes to come.

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