Green Clean Biological Energy or Monsters in Making !

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This is a good news or a progress to a cleaner energy source. As per links below the world’s first green bio robots can move and reproduce and as per video shown in on internet. These are living stem cells made from frog step cells. The latest news is they can now reproduce. Well it can be a good news or bad news. Given we don’t want Monster Animals like Dinosaurs on Earth ! And good that they have a motion and reproduction, there is energy, they are moving and hence can produce energy! Can they ?

These small xenorobots are biological and hence, are clean and as shown in video on youtube [3] they move, this shows they have kind of kinetic energy. It depends on what they eat, for sure not fossil fuels and hence can produce energy to run vehicles ? These are derived form cells of a frog, hence may require oxygen, why not from a plant cell which takes carbon di-oxide ?

Ever imagined a car engine filled with biological moving cells to make energy to run cars – and on top of that these cells take in carbon dioxide as a fuel to grow, as derived form a plant cell ! Is this possible ? Perhaps I would love bio gas for sure ! But how much bio gas can be made is a question, and how much energy is needed – is still more!

But what if they grow to become self organised monsters- well rules need to be inclucated to make sure their growth is limited just to moving the turbines, their age is limited so that they dont over reporduce to become a new things, still all these needs monitoring.

BTW what do they need ? Carbon dioxide or oxygen ? If oxygen, we need to make biological robots from plant cells then, which can consume a lot of the carbon dioxide form the atmosphere and provide us with energy to move things and run the vehicles. All this since men left horses, to move to places. Horses were men and women’s best travel companions once upon a time.

Look at all things, and then, make, how about anaerobic energy up there On Moon, Mars and dear Jupiter ! See which stem cells can start the living process in deserted planets in Solar System, don’t forget the stopping and control mechanism, else monsters and dinosaurs can be born on new planets. Watch out and good luck!



[2] LinkedIn Post: Researchers from University of Vermont scraped living stem cells from frog embryos to incubate., then shaped them into specific body forms. The shape defines function here, as no gene editing was used.


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