Do We Need A Child’s Resume In Job Market?

Why are we just focused on the next generational youngster’s skills in market place? Are we looking for children resumes—?? A kid, who should be playing and exploring the world here on Earth!  Why not their appetite as a playground football gamer, or as a singer or as a flute player, and may be a painter, photographer! Why no emphasis on  children over all development, once a child crosses certain age? My question is even in teens and a much mature age group—focus should be given on various activities, not just one stream of work, which makes things stagnant after a time. A balance is needed, so that once you are filled with the box up to brim on one activity, you have something else to do and find recourse to, for a short while though. That’s is called hobby!  

It gives me a shock to read young children learning coding on computers. Are we in that a big scarcity of software engineers? If so—go slow—in your developments. You want to reach to Moon, but Moon is not running away? We define the needs! No!  The childhood and teenage, is surely running away! Its good if he/she has exceptional capabilities, but young age is for the innocence to be explored. When else, a person will explore his/her innocence? Not as an adult. Teenage is to explore the youth. Once out of these ages, it’s just work! It’s good to have a coding language hands on for kids and teens! It’s very good! But at what expense. Expense has to be computed first ! Competition among fellow friends of son or daughter? Yes, Charles Darvin said- “its survival of fittest”, but don’t we want our children to enjoy youth with the benefits of right education! Right! The Darvin theory works in the selection to take birth on Earth, once you are here, you should be living like children and teens have lived for centuries, as was mastered by our great grand grand-parents.

So, all this to ask should young child be burdened by the future stress the parents as adults deal with. The job market is filled with resumes of youngsters, adults, do we want children and teens resume in job market ? While they should be enjoying their ages. As per a philosophy—human life cycle is divided in four quadrants. We should think of giving them the best childhood, best education but with pleasure, serenity, patience and to make them ready to compete once adult.

Children should be running after butterflies in gardens and catching them, collecting leaves in parks and drying them in folds of papers, painting on these dried leaves, coloring chopped ladyfinger and threads to draw new designs in colored scrap books, making molds of clay muds, playing with sands to searching shells on beaches with right mix of education, and not just all time on technology! Why, I am saying this, is our fore fathers have advanced at least 10,000 years as civilizations and have succeeded too, by learning in childhood with nature!  Once again change is good if it for betterment, and should be accepted to be going in wrong direction once analyzed for a negative impact. So, it should be analyzed further, the pros and cons. I am just asking a question as a spectator!

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