Who Determines the Work and Life Speed at Which People on Planet Earth Are Running Day and Night? Can I Have A Break? Its a Global Issue!

While prior to pandemic work-life speed was defined and determined by either the public sector goals or the private companies’ goals apart from personal goals. The goals which every employee in which ever sector – takes off his/her sweat daily to accomplish. I believe these are the group of people and leaders who define the work-life speed of masses not just individuals unless there is calamity, natural disaster, epidemic or pandemic to mention some exceptions. And these expectations come and go often one or many at a time during various phases of lives of different individuals.

Well in a pandemic, virus was determining the speed of many people—A bit too fast (means a lot of work) for doctors, nurses and other front-line workers. While normal people at home, with a slower speed. Some not moving at all—means-no work for some. The speed that used to keep us going—Remember the morning alarm- the office drive –the lunch breaks—-coming back—dinner with family! It all changed for most people during these times. But, this time made us realize that who dictates our speed in normal times. The work and life speed in non-pandemic times.  

The goal at which a task is done at one’s workplace and the relaxation time is directly proportional to the stakeholders—the leaders’ visions—In the normal times! The non-exceptional times! So once again I ask—-your mission is “To go to Mars”, but I say, “Mars is not running away!” So why this high speed! Answer is not just the goals set by respective leaders but also the fellow beings one is surrounded by. One explanation goes like the relative speed of the crowd is high hence a high individual speed. As flock of birds fly in a swarm, the speed of each bird is determined by first bird and the speed of neighboring birds.

In the same way, the speed at which a person studies medicine or pursues any degrees or completes work in office is not only his own individual speed but is sum of relative speed of his neighbors too viz. fellow workers. The exact parameters and mathematical equations too I can let you help to formulate the model!

So now the question is can I decrease the work speed a bit to increase the leisure and life experience speed somewhat more.  Answer is— YES! This answer is determined by not just leaders of public and private sectors but by global leaders of world too. Why? The answer is they are competing among themselves. One should live with mutual co-operation not with competence to have a healthy work and life speeds of people across globe. Its not just inter organization harmony, that can improve the lives of people but also inter country balances.

The global leaders must meet to discuss their speeds, targets and balances to be followed for a better stress-free lives and have employees ready to handle a fresh case of any challenge. Once humans are in a healthy state they can multi-task when needed and use their learned skills when demanded by situations. Situations such as pandemic for example in future can be handled by fleet of doctors trained and working each an hour lesser to give space to more doctors to be trained and equipped on standby modes!

All this doesn’t mean non competence and de-standardization of work ethics. Not at all, just an hour less per 10 employee work can employ an un-employed though skilled and add a trained professional on the work force. This addition of say one doctor to group of per 10 doctors can help so much in crucial and critical instances, and giving a work-life balance in merrier times! Just think about it! Just one hour less per 10 forest workers can give one new forest worker a job and salary! And more than that give Earth a trained and experienced professional ! With this in time of need all 11 can work harder to reach goals even though working 17 hours a day when needed! So now imagine how many trained professionals we may have per 100 doctors, how many per 200 forest employees! Just give a thought to it!

Yes other things that define the speeds are personal goal! But where do most personal goals come from– Mostly nearby birds in the flock ? Or some by movies, serials, media, where else! Many are self made goals–well all those can be attained. Life is not meant to be 8 hours daily, complete your goals by working 14 hours (to 17 hours if you may like ) a day for 10 years and then back to 4 hours a day for next 10 years ! But then calculate was it worth-spending a youth like that! A youth that shall never come back! Unless its a joint need for World !

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