Spirit-ology, Soul-ology learned by Bio-logy

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Oh my my

I have targets, which need to be done

Tells my biological body

But my soul, knows no boundaries,

Boundaries, which are set by human body

The biological clock works with Earthly desires

But I, a spirit in a soul have worldly dreams

My worlds are far off in skies,

My worldly wishes,

Set in my stars!

The desires here on this planet,

Set by many norms

Some norms set by society and many by wishes of peers….

But I am a spirit, held in a soul

The soul which came to this place

On a celestial trip, on a holiday

For the flowers here don’t smell the same as up there

For the deserts here dont taste the same as up there

So here on a short visit

A visit which I want to make rememberable

A travel to remember for ever

For I have to visit many other galaxies

Many other constellations, invited me before hand

And, my dear

The soul works with spirits wishes

Oh how so ever I may force the biology I am in

How many target may be set

To earn ten times more

Or to get two more grades

All works well, only when

Bio-logy accepts the soul-ology

So let it be so

Soul rules the body

As know to many,

Biology and Inner self at times are different

So why, should I run a different race?

When I am a spirit, in a soul

Exploring here,

Both myself and this planet!

Accepting that biology and my needs meet

Only when we agree

Henceforth my sprit-logy guides my biology with my inner desires

The hopes and wishes of thy spirit

In thy soul body

The spirit that cant be seen by biology

I call it self exploration!

Knowing thyself-

A biology learning the spirit-ology

A human body learning the soul-ology!

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