I remove the layer of pain, to let grow newer skin

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This pain I am dropping away

With the flowing water

I let it go,

This pain

I choose to forget the pains

I choose to let it go

Flown water never comes back same

Broken crystals never join back same

So why should I remember the pains

Why should I cry again

The fallen features of birds

Are meant to fall

They can’t fly with bird again

I decide to shed the pains

Just like the birds shed their features

The eagles shed the winds

To grow back afresh

To be reborn again

With more strength

With more power

To be higher

Again and again

To  learn what the pains taught me

To  be bolder to face more tougher mountains

I remove the layers of pains

To let grow a newer skin

Which shine in sun

Ready to burn in heat

To absorb more hardships

I regrow

This pain I am dropping away

With dust I rub

Never to remind me again

Of all the pains

This pain I am dropping away

For long, till I share again

With someone

The joys of dropping away the pains

Like a peacock sheds away its features

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