Love thy self-first – Before loving another

Love is a feeling Only when reciprocated Else it is nothing but a dream Love thy self-first Before loving another It is a power When appreciated Else it is a chuck of wasted energy Appreciate your self more than others Love is magic When two sided Else it is worse than being selfish Think ofContinue reading “Love thy self-first – Before loving another”

I remove the layer of pain, to let grow newer skin

This pain I am dropping away With the flowing water I let it go, This pain I choose to forget the pains I choose to let it go Flown water never comes back same Broken crystals never join back same So why should I remember the pains Why should I cry again The fallen featuresContinue reading “I remove the layer of pain, to let grow newer skin”

To whom I love more than myself

There is not one yet, To whom I love more than myself Call it self love Or self fascination Or any bad thing  you like For the man I loved deceived me You are the one I to whom I loved more than myself ! My crime I was humble and  loving to you LookContinue reading “To whom I love more than myself”

If I am heart you will be my beats

If I am heart You were my beats Nomore, though Not any more For this heart Can work without you now If I am her You were my he Not anymore I need any he For you were my breaths And I have learned to live without breathing If I am a flower You wereContinue reading “If I am heart you will be my beats”