Healing Sounds and It’s Benifits

We as in humans need healing, so as to connect to our souls and spirits to guide our minds well. Birds heal all animals around in forests daily with beautiful voices. Plants by the variety of mistful airs. And humans is a species, much more complex than most other living being on Planet Earth. TheContinue reading “Healing Sounds and It’s Benifits”

Men hold relationship and harmony better. See History!

“https://youtu.be/Moke0uf1SEw” This blog, is all about, the following post on Forbes.com. I don’t agree much to it. Forbes, yesterday posed, that, world will be more peaceful if women were in charge. I don’t much agree to it, that women don’t fight, no let’s see fights and losses under women as well., as per history. So,Continue reading “Men hold relationship and harmony better. See History!”

Can every house in outskirt of city have its own Bio-Gas unit installed for house electricity requirements?

Bio gas is formed from human wastes, plant waste or/and animal waste decomposed in a chamber- Can people with open spaces in their house install a bio-gas unit? Firstly, there is not much innovation about it at this stage, to the best of knowledge. Well, there are two parts in it: Safety: Gas have pressureContinue reading “Can every house in outskirt of city have its own Bio-Gas unit installed for house electricity requirements?”

Love thy self-first – Before loving another

Love is a feeling Only when reciprocated Else it is nothing but a dream Love thy self-first Before loving another It is a power When appreciated Else it is a chuck of wasted energy Appreciate your self more than others Love is magic When two sided Else it is worse than being selfish Think ofContinue reading “Love thy self-first – Before loving another”