Book Pains, song 3, named “Hurt”, in my voice..

Here is the song in my voice, sorry it’s pain filled. At times it pains too badly. This book is available online. Here is the YouTube link: ********** Pains pain But I have the will to fight the pain For all I know is to love ********** Hurt Hurt. You know what it is HowContinue reading “Book Pains, song 3, named “Hurt”, in my voice..”

Love thy self-first – Before loving another

Love is a feeling Only when reciprocated Else it is nothing but a dream Love thy self-first Before loving another It is a power When appreciated Else it is a chuck of wasted energy Appreciate your self more than others Love is magic When two sided Else it is worse than being selfish Think ofContinue reading “Love thy self-first – Before loving another”