Love thy self-first – Before loving another

Love is a feeling

Only when reciprocated

Else it is nothing but a dream

Love thy self-first

Before loving another

It is a power

When appreciated

Else it is a chuck of wasted energy

Appreciate your self more than others

Love is magic

When two sided

Else it is worse than being selfish

Think of you as the best creation

You ever met

It is a joke

When insulted

Again and again ! You in same condition!

Get up learn,

Learn, to be complimented and praised

Stop loving them

Who don’t care for it

Who use you

In their bad times

And forget you in their good hours

Care for yourself in bad times

For self care is automatic in the golden days

Love is everything

Only when respected

Else keep it to yourself

The power to love another

Who don’t deserve to be adored

And those who give you a tear

You are not meant to cry

Just to smile, live life the way you like

Still we love

For we are made from soil of love

But this time

Lessons well learned

Theories much understood

With others practical knowledge

Say them good bye

And love thy self first

Before loving another

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