This is my life – Let me live it my way

This is my life

I want to live it my way

I want to live for my desires

Desires of me and my love

Not yours

Let me live it my way

If you like something

Follow yourselves

I am here to love life

Live life

As per my choice

To dance when I desire

To sing when I want in my time

This time is mine, life is mine

Let me live it my way

Can I have a chance

To live as per me

My life

My dreams

My likings

Not yours

You were given chance

To live Yours

To dream Your

To plan your life

This is my life

I want it my way

Let me live it my way

My desires

My dreams

This is mine

This is my choice

Let me live it my way

Published by Nidhika

Hi, I have an excellent problems solving skills in the domain of Engineering, and Modelling Solutions for tasks. Apart from profession, I have inherent interest in writing especially about Global Issues of Concern, poems, stories, doing painting, cooking, photography, music to mention a few! And most important on my website you can find my suggestions to latest problems, views and ideas, my poems, stories, novels, my comments, my proposals for people with funding's to implement, my blogs, my interests, my personal experiences and glimpses of my research work as well.

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