Can Artificial Intelligence and Scientific Advancements be used to prevent Natural Calamities #climate_change

Well, we are living in the times of advanced scientific developments. But have we used the lessons learned good enough? Climate change is here, cyclones, flash flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes, droughts, soil erosions and so on! Yes, man was responsible was a lot of climate change conditions but we have to face it all. Face the fact that we are facing it. So, while on one side the joint efforts have started to reduce emissions. Here, other techniques have been presented for a greener and healthier way for handling climatic severity till an equilibrium is reached on Earth again.

  1. Above Surface

Artificial Intelligence can be used to predict where on Earth low pressure areas are being created. Can solar panels, mirrors and thermal energy be used to reduce the area of impact viz. controlling and maintaining severe low pressures at crucial places. Seem like too far. But we have think of solution, as lot of money is wasted in building and rebuilding infrastructures after calamities. Question is how can we stop severe low-pressure areas and creating low pressure areas in the area of need, making rains in the places which are needful. We have to think of it, as if we don’t think, how will we achieve it. It has to be thought! Once we start thinking we will find some solution, if not this something else.

2. On Surface

Erosion, plastics, chemicals are some of the few things making it difficult to save Earth surface to right composure as was before. Once again, I say sewage treated under pressure can be a good fertilizer for soils. And apart from that – artificial rivers, tributaries, canals and water channels to be made form river, backwaters and other well-supplied water bodies to cater for water demands of man, animals and soils.

3. Below surface

Well over mining is not good. But coal is one of the biggest sources of energies till now, until it is replaced by bio-gasses and bio-wastes and other forms of natural green energies. An equilibrium should be maintained for below earth imbalance too, this I shall write in depth in another article.

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