Healing Sounds and It’s Benifits

We as in humans need healing, so as to connect to our souls and spirits to guide our minds well. Birds heal all animals around in forests daily with beautiful voices. Plants by the variety of mistful airs. And humans is a species, much more complex than most other living being on Planet Earth. The spirts in us can heal the mind, body and even our souls. All that naturally, but for that connection to spiritual side of our existence needs to be made. The spiritual side of us is the connection to our spirits. Here comes the role of nice healing sounds, that can soothe the brain. Soothing the brain means healing the body, hence being able to think of higher powers and connection to our spiritual self, which is our spirits. I found this as the reason, to be healed.

Note: These are my views and my ways of healing my humanly existence. Your beliefs, ways and understanding p, may vary. These are my solid beliefs. To heal the spirit, mind, body and soul. With these, even my extreme back aces vanished, when I used to slop day and night working and coding.

I recommend Moses code with your mantras. It’s about the words, I am that I am, the powerful prayer to God. I am that I am, I am his, I am his blessed, I shall be healed…so on…These are natural healing methods, although you can ask top healers for their suggestions to follow. I also followed other free healing sessions. I took no medications for healings back then, when everything in life was breaking, everything. I started it in 2015. My spirits had will, with

I am. That I am! I used full stop and mild pause after I am, extend the word am, stretch the speaking of a and m, in head, That is:

I aaaaaammmmm. …That I am.

Say, I aaaammm! That I am.

Example is…

I am blessed, I am

When my human self was giving up. And then, I healed myself, with these self help techniques.

I took healing YouTube motivation. Birds and natural sounds. Moses codes I am that I am are embedded in all healing meditations of Dr Steve G Jones. He says I am powerful I am, in his meditation, hear that and repeat it. These can be supplemented with prayers and faith.

These are Moses code. These are oldest healing word. The German word ICH is also the same. The word I am. That I am, refer to prayer to god. Use, I am that I am, as a healing prayer. Think of water, dew, clouds with it. I am that I am, and believe you shall get what you want! I used many kind of healing sounds, this was the best hence suggesting, which served me most benefits.

My personal healing videos include those by Dr Steve G Jones.

There are a series of his work I was an audience of.


Here is how I use these powerful words:

Here, is healing sounds, in my voice.

Here is a healing lyrics I wrote:

With thy love, oh my Lord

With thy love, oh my Lord

With belief that he is there

And this is a journey

Yet to be understood

Still misunderstood

But thy belief,

Lord makes us strong

Makes me stand

Yet again

Once again

Take away the pains

With thy love, oh my Lord

Forever thankful for thy grace


Internet is filled with healing powers of God. Choose one that adjust well to your wavelength to heal.

Here is good example:

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