Men hold relationship and harmony better. See History!


This blog, is all about, the following post on I don’t agree much to it.

Forbes, yesterday posed, that, world will be more peaceful if women were in charge. I don’t much agree to it, that women don’t fight, no let’s see fights and losses under women as well., as per history. So, it’s not that if women were in charge all would be peaceful. Why history, as it tells, how we were back then, in past births, if you believe in rebirths, else consider how our ancestors were. And how humans and genders are different and also same in many things. Hence, this statement on is not right.

The following from link: “”. This is a book on Queen Sybil, that failed badly,

Queen Sybil of Jerusalem, was Queen and ruler of the kingdom of Jerusalem. Her reign saw the loss of the city of Jerusalem to Saladin, and the beginning of the Third Crusade. Her reign began with her nobles divided and crisis looming; by her death the military forces of Christian Europe were uniting with her and her husband, intent on recovering what had been lost. Sybil died before the bulk of the forces of the Third Crusade could arrive in the kingdom, and Jerusalem was never recovered. What was Third Crusade, that is talked off here: As per Wikipedia. The Third Crusade (1189–1192) was an attempt by European monarchs to reconquer the Holy Land following the capture of Jerusalem by the sultan Saladin in 1187 under Queen Sybil.

While Queen Elizabeth the one (The Virgin Queen) too held operations and some military operations under Virgin Queen are as follows:

——The East India Company in 1600.

——Sir Humphrey Gilbert under her in 1540’s around, and Walter Raleigh made the territory of Virginia, USA, Canada, named after of Elizabeth the one “Virgin Queen”.

Does that led to development of the place ? Or was it for bad, historicians can tell. I am not a history person.

Ireland conquest as well, for reasons, see web, they were not understanding what’s going on there.

Further, there is a generic saying, a famous saying, Two Swords can’t fit into the same sheath.

There used to be joint families once, grandparents and huge families. Now, nuclear families are in the demand. Everything has became like this, while, huge palaces which exists even today, show how we used to live in joint families back then. Here, the role of man comes in. There is peace in nuclear families, which often breaks again and again now for many, common thing now, but there is massive loss as well. These are my personal opinions, that most relationship are maintained man.

This side of world, these fights and plots between women in family of husband and daughter-in-law are part of every TV serial. Some famous ones are:

This is here said as “Kayani I ghar ghar ki”, meaning, it’s every house story. “”

There things are in every other serial here. Another famous is …”kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi”

Further, the role of a man in keeping things in harmony is also very evidently shown in small screen cinemas. “”

Men have been holding ties, as far as I know. Hence a complete feminine leadership, I personally won’t accept. Yes, it can be a show up, but in long term, I doubt, given what I have seen personally in small screen media and big screen media both, all through my life 40 years.

Here is a clip from, big screen media, “”

Further, men hold women emotionally and mentor them, to make them stand strong at every stage. There is clear evidence of that as well. “. So the role of man in society is much much more.


Even Queen Elizabeth the one, was emotionally blurred by her cousin sister, Queen of Scott’s, to give throne of England to her. But men it her court kept her strong, and not let her loose the throne and power of England to her, Queen of Scott’s, infamous for many things and plots against England. Without Queen Elizabeth the one on throne, and Mary of Scott’s on England throne, history won’t had been same.

Another example is Mary, Queen of Scott’s.

Queen of Scott’s, attacked Virgin Queen, many times,directly, emotionally, indirecty. So, it’s not that females don’t fight for kingdoms. History is filled with their aspirations as wives and leaders as well. History to understand existence.

Scot Queen hated Virgin Queen, was all time plotting against her, send her heath problems, Scots Queen called men inferior, while Virgin Queen, respected men.

These are natural things, and not learnt recently, it’s evident in history, year after year. Yes to beat a common enemy, to attain some common goals, everyone works together. The thing is what happens after that. After that? Same things?

I just recalled some popular family feuds, as well in small screen cinemas, because of aspirations of women. And my favourite as a kid was. “Tu tu main main, taken in a light comedy form, “””. But in reality it does not look light, it hurts, and there are tears not laughs.

So, it’s about, coexistence, understanding inherent gender, how it works, brains and bodies, not saying men are inferior in talks. No, men have bind together things in and outside houses, mostly in all serials on TV I saw, it were women who wanted partitions in families not men. It’s ok, to accept, that, this is what I have seen and learned. Men are known to maintain warm relations, and don’t even compete for dresses and fashion.

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