Mary Magdalene, a powerful woman with epitome of love, aims and courage. Happy Woman’s day!

Wishing you all a very Happy Women’s day. I would personally like to mention one big figure on this day, for her leadership, her love, her devotion and her contribution, that were admired all the time. These are my personal Women’s day message. You all are most welcome to celebrate your most admired women figure on this day, every year. Next year, I shall celebrate, may be…I shall think of it next year only. This year I recalled Mary Magdalene.

Let’s accept ourselves as woman, we are feminine, let the womanhood be our strength. Let’s celebrate the phases of girlhood through teenage years to womanhood. Let’s celebrate our way out of tough times on these rough paths.

She had special role in Jesus life as well as special role in spreading the gospel afterwards. She had enormous devotion to Jesus and it was heard that the same was reciprocated as well. Some articles even say they were married. Some places mention, they had children as well. There are various paints depicting her in his movement and their lives.

Her contributions were enormous, in supporting, caring and taking the things forward. 

Mary Magdalene: Joaquin Phoenix talks taking on the role of Jesus – YouTube

She herself had seven demons in her, which were healed with help of blessing from Lord.

However, there are some things really bad said about her, all through the history. Even, today in movie like DaVinciCode, she was called by a name — How can she be a — given she had financially wealth of her own may be some royal heir, with her own abundant wealth. And she never took any money, but it’s heard she gave huge money to fund the movements. She didn’t even took any settlement as per I know. Or is it just hatred that dwells for her, so many women these days marry several times, two times is common, some openly have relationships. So, why hatred for her. She bends at him, she loved him, she took it forward with courage…

The Most Honest Scene In Film History! [Part 1]-The Da Vinci Code. (60fps,10-BitC,Full-HD) – YouTube

This dialogue in this movie is a disgrace. This word should not be used for a woman so powerful and full of love for humanity. This seem to be a plot to fill hatred against her. See her contributions. This seem to be serving some vested interest, given so many people these days know what man woman relationship is before they marry.

Respect women like her, not easy to find true discipline of God, perhaps his wife.

Da Vinci was a famous scientist of that time, he won’t say things like that. Last Super painting was made then. It has her. Its complete explanation is still pending.

Once again let’s celebrate womanhood on International Women’s Day!

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