To whom I love more than myself

There is not one yet,

To whom I love more than myself

Call it self love

Or self fascination

Or any bad thing  you like

For the man I loved deceived me

You are the one I to whom I loved more than myself !

My crime

I was humble and  loving to you

Look what you gave me

Pains, Pains and pains

Here, there, everywhere!


There is not one in universes of universe,

To whom I love more than myself

Never ever will it happen again

Never ever it can happen

I cant love anyone again more than myself

Call it my being selfish as you like

But I cant anymore love you more than myself

You took advantage of my existence

You took away all that is called trust

Its Enough

And today I say to you Enough is Enough

I cant love you anymore leave aside

loving you more than myself

Leave aside all things behind

Lets move on

I on my ways—I know what my way is

I can help you find your – As I am not like you Mean and self-centered!

For I can’t take it anymore

Let part away for ever

Its water pouring above the danger marks

Let us part forever

Even if you beg

I won’t listen anymore

It’s the end of our relation

For good or bad

I have had enough zillion years of patience

It’s not working anymore

You treat me like a personal car key

Keep me where you like

Take on when you want

To use and put back

Sorry——-I reject it

Sorry——–I am not the one for you

I wish you best

Find a new lover !

For I can never ever, I promise this to all the seas

I promise this to all the oceans

I promise this to all the skies

Never ever I will love you more than myself

This is a promise I will never break

For I know the meaning of word Promise

One last word, To say

Good Bye!

I will find the one to whom I can love more than myself

For I am made from bricks of love! That’s All!

To whom I love more than myself

A Happy Beginning

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