Workplace should accept “hormonal”, “menopausal” women too

This is a short story of Rima. Rima a sincere female at work. There may be lot of women like her – what they call “hormonal” . Yes, she has Pre-Mensural Syndrome too and it effects her work efficiency too. Apart from her efficiency varying on weekly basis. Though she manages the ups and downs by working extra on one day of a week and few hours lesser on another day of the week. But is this expected in a what I would call a “robotic” kind of work culture I perceive it as. Daily scrum meeting, hourly status reporting. Yes, work status is important. But women, at least those who needs one full day leave if Rima get her periods on a working day. It pains her a lot! And Rima can’t think of work when its that time of the month, at least for a day. Well, Rima have passed this Stage through motherhood. Which showered myriad of such issues to her. Now, Rima after managing her mensural age is in menopause age. Life is even more tougher. Why was she was asked the question “Are you hormonal?” “Are you in menopause” in an interview. If it was to help her-good going! Women of all kinds should be given opportunities.  If some females are  given pains and a different kind of sensitivity, that should be accepted in society and not looked down at. Why is it not acknowledged? And looked down at with big eyes!  Why menopausal women not given flexibility to work? And women in younger ages given weekly targets and not daily target for flexible working, unless urgent? Same for women in menopause. Women whether “hormonal” or not should be given equal rights to work and support to cope up with what all is going on in body! And women do really good work, that too sincerely! Why it is not accepted as a true fact in society and a need for change ? To look at it from a altogether different point of view!

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