Technical Article: AI based Robotics -Ethics, Safety and Hackings

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.27962.93125 This article covers the areas of ethics and safety concerns for the growing field of Robotics which use Artificial Intelligence to pursue its tasks. The article covers various kinds of threats AI based Robots may pose to humans and environment. Further, ethical issues and hacking of an AI based Robot and its potential side-effectsContinue reading “Technical Article: AI based Robotics -Ethics, Safety and Hackings”

Philosophical Ethics and Its Application to AI-Article Review

This article is a brief discussion about this “Concepts of Ethics and Their Application to AI”  the chapter-3 of book by Stahl, B. C. [1] The author Stahl [1] have presented in this chapter of his book “Artificial Intelligence for a Better Future: An Ecosystem Perspective on the Ethics of AI and Emerging Digital Technologies”Continue reading “Philosophical Ethics and Its Application to AI-Article Review”

Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence- Book Chapter Review

This is a brief discussion about this “Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence”  the chapter-2 of book by Stahl, B. C. [1] It lays emphasis on the following things from ethical point of view: Characterization of AI as narrow AI, general AI and the mixed systems, which use combinations of things Secondly, each of the three aboveContinue reading “Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence- Book Chapter Review”

Astro-Robot Nanena!

Robotics is good and very useful in several aspects. In this book Astro Robotics you will find all reasons to use and create robots. But well—Do mankind need to be using so many Robots. Oh the space and astronomy do need it, for humans and animals to visit outside Earth in a comfortable couch withContinue reading “Astro-Robot Nanena!”