Astro-Robot Nanena!

Robotics is good and very useful in several aspects. In this book Astro Robotics you will find all reasons to use and create robots. But well—Do mankind need to be using so many Robots. Oh the space and astronomy do need it, for humans and animals to visit outside Earth in a comfortable couch with a hot cup of tea served by an intelligent robot.

So far so good. You will meet Nanena in this book, a Robot on Mars for your happily stay there. Well her full family is there and its a big joint family of robots out there on Mars. They will build a customized house for you when and where you want. And, also thy will fly you past the poles or any crater on Mars.

And Miss Nonena, a female robot will help you in your journey to the next palnet which is any next station- viz. planet you choose. Lot of adventures and fun. These Robots will be making your life a real journey!

But here come the question of ethics! Well yes dear reseraches and sci fic lovers! You have to put a full stop, and here in this novel, the full stop is put by Sina, a human and a female! Who edits the encoded software of the Robot to make sure HUMANS dominate ROBOTS and not the other way.

Science works on laws as does governments- SO why not Robots!? Rest check out in book ! And updates on this blog only!

Here are the short stories of this book.

  1. Astro Robot Nanena-Short Science Fiction Story
  2. Astro Robot-Nanena- Part II- Short Fiction Story
  3. Astro Robot Nanena – Part III
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