Is Creating Artificial Species In Lab Right or Wrong: AI Solution ?

Well well! We all have known dinosaurs prevailed on Earth long back. This article is my response to the following article:

Scientists created a hybrid human-monkey embryo in a lab, sparking concerns others could take the experiment too far (

There are ample of Hollywood movies showing what all went wrong when creatures were created in labs. It is not the brain that is being developed in labs, we all have enough brains and even animals have enough. DO we need more ? It is a new species ! Right now it is not know what it will turn out to be. As the specialist say “may be”, “may be it may have” ! So why not use AI. Let Artificial Intelligence develop to that level and dear wait till that time! Let AI answer questions of “may be”, not just the brain capacity, organ reuse in humans [btw can you take out a specie organs to be used for organ therapy–I say No !! ]

Let the AI system give you image of the new specie one is unsure but willing to make! Give AI time if you really need such a specie! Else——–Humans and animals , birds, insects…..are good enough for Earth. Are they not! So why artificial species created in labs ? We have watched enough movies from Hollywood! Still if one is curious–wait for AI based simulations on how a new specie created in lab will behave !

Well you can consult me or my fellow AI researchers for proper ways and standards for developing ethical solutions to these problems. For sure without prior homework and with a “may be” attitude new species should not be developed. And in any way any non-natural process is un-natural and hence should be as they say un-natural things are against nature ! Isn’t it ?

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