Technical Article: AI based Robotics -Ethics, Safety and Hackings

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.27962.93125 This article covers the areas of ethics and safety concerns for the growing field of Robotics which use Artificial Intelligence to pursue its tasks. The article covers various kinds of threats AI based Robots may pose to humans and environment. Further, ethical issues and hacking of an AI based Robot and its potential side-effectsContinue reading “Technical Article: AI based Robotics -Ethics, Safety and Hackings”

Humanoid robot. I have some questions.

A recent news I read about humanoid robots. Here are some questions that occurs in general people’s mind about humanoid robots. At least I am thinking of these questions when some one says we will have a human looking robot near to do things like grocery shopping. a. menial jobs—— yes we need help inContinue reading “Humanoid robot. I have some questions.”