Humanoid robot. I have some questions.

A recent news I read about humanoid robots. Here are some questions that occurs in general people’s mind about humanoid robots. At least I am thinking of these questions when some one says we will have a human looking robot near to do things like grocery shopping.

a. menial jobs—— yes we need help in it– but the things tasks are dynamic- our problems are changing rapidly— who predicted land slides recently, can he/she – humanoid robot handle it — if not — why to make it ?

And if yes— so first prove to solve the challenges of “artificial general intelligence” (AGI) problems. Strong AI. The tasks there are needed as a screening to be used on any real world challenge be it anything on real life by machine. It needs AGI.

b. where will you get the raw materials to make it ?
c. would it be recyclable ?
d. it looks like humans so would they have human rights too?
e. would you mine earth to make gadgets used in it? if so – how much? Will segments in earth crust one day become hollow from inside?
f. what are the side effects of making humanoid robots in highly populated places.
g. so many unemployed in world, why no one talks of giving humans employments ?

h. do we want robots to choose for us and make decision making for us?

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