Eggy Pasta

We all make pasta and delicious one. A small modification can bring in a different taste to usual Pasta. I shall explain the modification first then the full process of basic pasta I made today. Full process is same and can be tried in any way you make a Pasta. [FULL RECEIPE BELOW THE MODIFICATION IN RECEIPE OF ANY PASTA]

Modification in Pasta Recipe to make Eggy Pasta:

Step 1. When the boiled Pasta is ready and mixed with ingredients. Pour in beated eggs as per quantity, 1.5 egg per cup of dry pasta will make a good taste. This is not same as mixing scrambled eggs in the pasta. As now the beated egg sticks to the pasta and ingredients.

Step 2. Add more butter. And mix it, till the egg is cooked with pasta well, add enough butter/oil to get the right taste. The best part is this eggs cooks and gets inside the spirals of this pasta.

Step 3. Its ready and tasty, bit ripe too. Put Pasta Seasoning and enjoy with melting cheese!



Full Recipe for basic Eggy Pasta

Recipe for one.

Step 1. Boil 2 cup of pasta with salt and black pepper in a vessel.

Step 2. Once boiled. Heat 2-3 table spoon of butter in a frying pan and add boiled pasta, chopped tomato and pasta spices in the pan. Mix well.

Pasta spices–are available in market as a pre-mix or you can use—- raw ginger, garlic, salt, chili, pepper paste and add it. I used Pasta pre-mix from market.

Step 3. Beat 3 eggs in a bowl and put it in frying pan right over the pasta.

Step 4. Add more butter to cook the egg well and for it to stick to pasta. Dish is ready in two minutes. See how much you like to cook the eggs. I don’t like half cooked eggs, so I took some more time. Add cheese as per taste and pasta seasonings on top of it.

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