Flexible Pay, flexible benefits with Flexible Work?

Not everyone wants to open their own business. Not everyone want to blog, not everyone plays online games all time to earn some money. Some like the profession they are in. And some just want a little more flexibility, even if that is on the basis of making salary flexible.

Then here are some questions to be answered.

  1. Can we have some flexible roles. Which needs some flexibility in work.
  2. Some pre-planned extra leaves, to go on long trips with fiancé ?
  3. To enjoy youth without loosing in the salary ?
  4. To manifest in passions of life without loosing the profession.
  5. Profession and passion are two different things. Unless one makes profession his/her passion or vice-versa.
  6. However, when one gets an option for flexibility in hours, efforts only increase
  7. This may not cut her/him off form the official and urgent mails from the office, even on out-of-town archeological trip.
  8. Or may be some time swapping between the full time work and flexible hour work. This keeps her/him intact with work as well as carry on the baby caring she/he needs to do.
  9. All this wont cost the payroll company, as even the company needs to calculate its return on investments
  10. Even company would be willing to hire people, who can plan the flexible hour, flexible salary at work
  11. At the end it is a win-win for both the company paying based on amount of hours worked, benefits as per flexible status.
  12. Once can flip on flexible and normal roles in same company
  13. It increases retention rate of employees
  14. People can explore various phases of life under this flexibility.

These are some of the points to support it. The ones that don’t support it are probably who will bear the cost ? The person himself/herself is nominating for flexible pay for flexible work hours. What else can be better than this ?

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