Open Internet Device Exams versus Open Book Exams- AI based Exams- Discussions

Note: This article is just a discussion, it does not mean this has to be implemented. It talks of open book exams and discuss the possible use of electronic books in internet devises instead of open book for such subjects only. The framework of this article restricts to just such subjects, where open book exams are suggested, unless approved by a boarder society. Till then it is just a fictional piece of information.

Well things are changing, now AI have come. There used to be open Book Exams in certain subjects in some regions. This leads us to think – Would these subjects allow open internet-device exams ? Some subjects are for understanding and not to test the mugging abilities of a student.

A discussion and mentioning some key points here of both. Here are some points:

  1. This goes back to the very question of open Book Exams.
  2. Why were open book exams formulated in the first go ? Mostly because some subjects are more than just testing the mugged things ?
  3. Or may be some exams don’t want to test on memory but on understanding.
  4. Some exams understand that there may be areas that human brain may forget the read things.
  5. So, here, for such subjects, for such exams, why not an AI enabled open-devise exam instead of the open book exam.
  6. Why ? As mostly all books are available in electronic mode now.
  7. One need not need to carry so many books to the exam center.
  8. Further, no need to put bookmarks at important points as search agents can search the right thing you need.
  9. The devise can be provided by the device center.
  10. You need not remember who filled which patent on a particular topic. All the question wants you to explain, how you can improve this research now ?
  11. Wont it be so much of a help, students and teacher have an assistant, to help with the name of all the micro-organisms while analyzing the soil properties. For sure human intelligence can not be beaten and is more than the chess-game. And humans can use the intelligent devises to process things more easily ?
  12. This would be followed by strict instructions of no copy paste will be allowed.
  13. The questions should be framed with intelligence that cant be copy pasted from internet devises. This would be the new intelligent exams.
  14. Non repetitive questions, hence no chance of copying answers too ? In those exams where this is allowed.

I must tell you I have topped many exams I gave, in the toughest competitions. In the remaining I was among the nearly tops. Still I have not given any open book tests and I feel some subjects need open book tests.

I recommend open book AI internet devise –tests for some subjects in which open book tests are allowed, as some subjects are for understanding and not to test the mugging abilities of a student. Why waste so much time mugging when AI devises can help us solve so many things faster. Why not some modern exams for those subjects where open-book exam are allowed ?

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