Climate Change: How to handle the current problems? Solutions of treating gases released from cars and industries. Can AI answer this?

Getting to bottom of the problem. Here are two proposed solutions which AI can help us in to solve the climate crisis. Till the time AI cannot answer it, humans have to manually work out the chemical reactions.

Solution 1. Treating the gases released by a car in a car exhaust only.

This solution proposed to use an extension in the car exhaust system to convert the harmful gases released by cars in the car system only. This can be by converting this gas into a solid waste which can be dumped off on dumping stations to be processed further.  Or may be a cylinder is filled out of car and changed for an empty cylinder at the dispose your car pollution stations?

All this is needed till the time we reach the energy safe state when harmful chemicals are not released any more from locomotives.

Solution 2. Treating the industrial waste in industry only.

This solution is aimed at proposing not to release any harmful gas in environment. Rather, the chimneys are re-directed to another processing unit which mixes  the harmful gases in mud, this is later going to be treated with right micro-organisms and plants which consume carbon di-oxide.

This is an additional effort industry may have to put till the time better energy sources are put in use. How AI can help ? If chemical engineers can not find a solution to this then AI can.  Pose following questions to GPT :

  1. What happens when car exhaust gasses  are mixed in wet mud ?
  2. What happens when car exhaust gasses are mixed in things to be treated by treatment plants?
  3. When we can treat sewage water for drinking, cant we treat car exhaust gasses for pollution free compost?
  4. What chemical reactions needed to turn carbon monoxide to useful components?

And so on AI – may help—let us try~~

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