5000 Year Old Flying Machine Found in Afghanistan- Why No More Analysis ! AI Digital Twin Simulation and Robotics can Help!

Vimaan in Indo-European language means a flying vehicle, more precisely an ancient airplane. A aircraft of earlier times perhaps. These air carriers were known to be atleast 5000 year old, as per internet and scriptures mentions. Here are some of my analysis of this topic. Science of magnetism and electromagnetism is precise. Hence simulate this using AI. Use AI based digital twin of Bermuda Triangle and The Afghanistan Ancient Aircraft- Vimaan.

  1. Humans must have reached pinnacle of development 5000 year old. That is how they were able to make a flying aircraft. The aircraft as per videos and articles I read was capable of fighting abilities apart from carrying humans.
  2. These aircrafts are shown in paintings from earlier times and in epics. Search on web for vimaan paintings.
  3. The biggest question is how does this aircraft that great epics talk of came from Sri Lanka to Afghanistan.
  4. And when did it came from Indian subcontinent to Afghanistan ?
  5. This thing is mentioned in many epics in Indian subcontinent regions and shown centuries old paintings.
  6. Earth is dictated by science. Hence this is can be no magic. This must be the advancement of science and technology 5000 years back. The earth do follow Newton’s law for flying past the gravitational forces. The physics constant for gravitational force is fixed on earth.
  7. The question is why then man started from scratch for making flying vehicles and even for automobiles ?
  8. Why local Afghanistan people never mentioned about it ever before 2012 ? Did they never went there ? Locals know of things more than outsiders, they follow age old traditions and so on…

Here are some points on what was found in Afghanistan while US army was there.

  1. The aircraft was told to be found in some caves in Afghanistan as per references below.
  2. The cave is being claimed to be kind of Bermuda Triangle– Who ever goes there is lost. I cant believe it. We are living in age of science and technology. How can some one be lost ?
  3. Was there a well or a protective digged land or land mine in which they fell ? Think Practically.
  4. It is claimed several American troops were lost while trying to go to this ancient cave to see the flying machine — 5000 year old. But they never came back. Nor their bodies were found.
  5. Can we send our drones there to find out soldiers ? May be they there is still hope they are alive. Hope is all that matters.
  6. How can AI help in this ? Can robots and drones help in this ? Now US is no more in Afghanistan, so can we send Robots and drones to Bermuda Triangle to understand the new Physics on this region of Earth. May be universe is easy to be understood then.
  7. They report it is some kind of high electromagnetic field entering which humans and things disappear. If so– How long can force be emitted out of a substance ? Magnets attract opposite charges, how about same charge–same charge is repelled. And the neutral charge have no effect on magnet– So what about a wooden bot–a bot embedded in wood–a neutral charged thing ?
  8. If this is so—what we are searching in Universe is here– Send your spaceships in there.
  9. We cant be fooled by superstitions, if this is a new thing. Then a new science must be developed for it.
  10. We cant sent humans there any further. I believe early men have dig mines around this place to secure this thing and may be people are falling in it.
  11. Did this thing came from outer space ? That it be non-scientific and non-earthly manner ? People becoming invisible– Like an out of Earth thing–
  12. This place can answer the Bermuda Triangle Mystery too.
  13. Nothing on Earth in un-scientific.
  14. Why lost US troops were not found from the caves ?
  15. Next, who measured the age of this aircraft? This needs radio carbon dating? Who went in to take the age proofs? Or were these just based on mentions in epics ?
  16. Why so many world leaders went to Afghanistan when this news was declared.
  17. Only a few years ago, the Chinese discovered some Indo-European language documents in Lhasa, Tibet and sent them to be translated. [Reference 8]
  18. As per referenence [8] some of their Vimanas and Vailixi in secret caverns in Tibet or some other place is Central Asia, and the Lop Nor Desert in western China is known to be the center of a great UFO mystery.

I just say, it can be a protection media to not to enter it or else it can be some science. If science it can be learned. Science of magnetism and electromagnetism is precise. Hence simulate this using AI. Use AI based digital twin of Bermuda Triangle and The Afghanistan Ancient Aircraft- Vimaan.


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