Basic Internet Services in year 2030-Tikacika on Planet Zialand

Note: Tikacika is a fictional character, in future — year 2030– All characters and things are fictional and has no relation to any city or place. This is story of Planet Zialand.

These are basic services–Internet– For Tikacika of Planet Zialand it is a struggle to get internet. Sometimes downloads are barred sometimes uploads, at times no internet at all. Tikacika does not want to bend and wants to say things which she think are not right upfront. Apart from that she knows how to say NO too.

In todays world talks are going on to provide internet to every village. This is year 2030. And Tikacika stays in a top city. Still she cannot get internet access when she needs it, it is so weird. Once in a while these problems are ok, but for Tikacika internet is like a daily struggle. The day she gets internet in a undisturbed way–She says it is a good day.

Tikacika stay’s in one of the most well known city of Planet Zialand. Sometimes it takes hours to send a basic email and even hours to upload the basic things at times on internet.

This has been what Tikacika life was since past many several months. Internet goes of anytime, especially at crucial times, when she needs it, as if a child lock has been imposed.

Tikacika earlier used to call the local internet provider, he used to resolve internet issues, after several reminders. Now they have got the provider changed to a bigger company. As was suggested by a neighbor. Now this also does not work. The neighbor says he have a different wire you have a different wire. He took off the dust from his hands, simple.

Tikacika, still gets disrupted internet. Sometimes it disconnects while she tries to upload sometime at really any time. When she calls call center they say it will take 48 hours to correct it. Wasn’t the earlier one better, she could have talked to him to get it corrected. Now it is just an IVR based system. No body to tell the complaints too.

I mean in the year 2030 — in a top city of Planet Zialand, a thing like internet being provided as a scarce resource. Isn’t that weird ?

Any ways in the end of the story Tikacika shifted to her boyfriend land, where internet was better than that —– noo too good a service.

Oh Man– people are talking of internet in villages and Tikacika cant get it in a city.

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