Artificial Intelligence with oldest written scriptures-Especially Sanskrit, Lithuanian and combining the old historical scientific knowledge with latest state of art

Natural language processing (NLP) is needed in study of languages to know the historic pasts. Not just NLP I say Artificial Intelligence (AI) on whole is needed. The pasts are needed to understand how the world used to work in that time. Further, there are many great epics which are written in the languages which are some of the oldest languages in world.

The oldest languages as: Sanskrit, Tamil, Chinese, Egyptian, Lithuanian each being around 5000 year old. Human existence on Earth is known even before this. Which languages were spoken then ? Or these 5000 year old languages just indicate the presence of written proofs. For remaining the proofs are not there, maybe.

Here are the key points of the topic of discussion.

  1. As per web, Sanskrit is the base for many European languages and is one of the oldest languages in world.
  2. Key importance of using AI in languages is to analyze similarity in the way languages were used.
  3. The similarity of use of languages can be analyzed by scanning the original texts, 5000 year old and analyzing with help of clustering techniques.
  4. This is not just Natural Language Processing, but also using which context is used in which era of time. Hence a factor called time is included.
  5. What is mentioned in the texts, epics, and how the texts found at same time co-relate to it.
  6. Comparing the ink used to write all these texts with help of AI.
  7. The way of writings can also be compared. This is beyond the typical Natural Language Processing Technique.
  8. Several key figures will be analyzed when one compares scriptures written around same time, with help of Artificial Intelligence.
  9. This will reveal the developments in that part of world, in a particular time frame.
  10. This shall also tell what was the civilization like.
  11. It may also point back to places which needs to be analyzed for hidden tools to go back in past to know more of how man used to be back then in B.C. era.
  12. Further, the scanned scripts can be fed to the Natural Language Processing Engine to be fed to a GPT3 to help us with answers.
  13. Many things are quite intriguing, things such as, presence of 4 tusk elephants in Lanka in the oldest epics of Ramayana.
  14. As per web search these kind of animals were as old as when Dinosaurs were there. So are these that old living stories ?
  15. How Lord Rama, Goddess Sita, came back from Lanka on a flying bird like thing. As in paintings, this is also called Pushpak Vimana. Here is link to it on wiki.
  16. How did vimana worked, or were they giant flying birds ?
  17. Getting in epics, using AI to study images can yield answers.
  18. Then corelating all the epics around the world can help in further analysis, of how life began on Earth. How human civilization began ?
  19. Further, the epics can also tell about the links to more mysteries.
  20. These are oldest known epics in world and hence a heritage from our ancestors.
  21. Some of the oldest I know are: Rig veda, Ayur Veda, …. They also tell about how humans systems worked.
  22. Ayur veda, is a comprehensive knowledge of medicine. This means the ancestors were more advanced in terms of medicine scientific knowledge.
  23. Vedic astronomy tells astrological ways used by ancestors for space related things. This means they excelled in space scientific exploration as well.
  24. Why did we start from scratch then.
  25. Can we learn more from all these epics and add to our newly gained knowledge ?
  26. Why the advanced scientific learning place called Taxila was destroyed ? Some ruins at Taxila dating to 3360 BCE. Taxila is a Sanskrit word and was known to provide eminent scientific research. It is a world heritage site now.
  27. Mayan Culture predicted many great facts, but why was it destroyed, where are the scriptures of the Mayan Empire?

All these answers can be answered by AI based analysis of scripts as old as the oldest to as new as modern history era. Deep learning based analysis and image processing techniques can help us answer some of these questions. And can help mankind to progress further by combining the best of past scientific knowledge as in scripts of ayur veda, vedic maths, vedic astronomy, mayan culture and the modern scientific advancements. This not only combines medicine with allopathy bit also vedic astronomy with astronomy.

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