Whale’s Doctor Stuff

It’s sad to hear that each year so many whales loose lives by landing up on busy or isolated islands and entering lands. Here are some questions and answers that we seek with help of these questions. This article is about how whale’s doctors can help in these lost big fishes! Do whales need doctors?Continue reading “Whale’s Doctor Stuff”

(Global). UK’s yet another PM- Who & Why

Let us understand the situation of politics in UK. The elected candidate Liz Truss failed to deliver when given the charge. Given the political situation wherein the present and previous leaders had to leave for one cause or another. All these lead to a state of confusion among general public in the country and evenContinue reading “(Global). UK’s yet another PM- Who & Why”

When Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes art (Reference DAAL-E)

Some art made with Artificial Intelligence (openAI.com DAAL-E2). Why I draw as I love art myself. Note: These images are produced by DAAL-E2 Here it is – I asked DAAL-E to draw a horse in city, office and restaurant. These are the art images AI made with DAAL-E

Working on Moon & Mars while sitting at home on Earth

Note: The article lays basic idea of technology and mode of employments. This in no way relates to investment options. We here are not providing investment advertising. These are purely mere ideas, these don’t represent any policy of implementing it by any government. Please don’t associate investment with these ideas here. We don’t represent anyContinue reading “Working on Moon & Mars while sitting at home on Earth”


Here in this article I cover UFO, truth or fiction as two sides of some coin called UFO. Some points are mentioned here in this article and I shall come back on this analysis again, in continuation with these points. It’s everywhere seen, why this article calls it fiction? The reason is the very questionContinue reading “UFO— TRUTH OR FICTION – Part I”

Tax Cuts. The Ecosystem of Economics of Tax.

Here are my views on the Economic of Tax for Global Views, not specific to any region. This article was written after reading of Tax cuts in one of the worlds Best Economies- UK. Pay Taxes, but why? As taxation is a way to develop a country or a state (in case a state isContinue reading “Tax Cuts. The Ecosystem of Economics of Tax.”

My Fictional Book: The towers of Dream, Love filled Dreamy Galaxy, is ready for Pre-Orders

Dear all, My fictional book, The tower of dreams, Dreamy Galaxy, is ready for pre orders, in 45 days. You may book pre-order on Amazon. Some of my previous articles on social media & blogs were part of my fictional works I am doing. Some writings were part of this book. Sincere Apologies for notContinue reading “My Fictional Book: The towers of Dream, Love filled Dreamy Galaxy, is ready for Pre-Orders”

UK new Government: Are your own ministers trustable

Summary: Rishi Sunak was one of the first man who resigned, saying and demanding Borris to resign, they had put in lot of pressure on PM, given Borris trusted him a lot. These leaders were selected & elected by Borris only, when opportunity came instead of standing with him, and guiding him what to do,Continue reading “UK new Government: Are your own ministers trustable”

Bye August 2022, A month to remember

Goodbye August 2022. It was a mixed month, with all kinds of Global News, to atmospheric phenomenons. Let’s hope September 2022 shall be better. For a better month for all us, let’s pray. Let’s pray! Below are my non technical articles form the shelf of August 2022. Articles for Thought 1. Something fishy: fresh waterContinue reading “Bye August 2022, A month to remember”