Artificial Human Simulation of Medical Products

Lot of vaccines have come up in market and medical stores. Many claims efficacy of in seventy percent to some in ninety percent. Some have side effects reported and some have doubts of blood clotting’s. Question is a a random sampling enough for a rapidly injected in society cure for virus ? It is good enough since the side effects are in very few people who were diagnosed. Do some just ignore it? And do some just don’t care to notice it ? And may be it benefits outweighs it side effects. And may be some are too sensitive to it? Well all that is part of growing up the medical systems.

No advance is made in one day, but yes it needs a force to start it. The question a common man can ask is — If we can simulate artificial satellite landings to other space missions. What about things back home on Earth ? Can we simulate a human body, make a computer simulation of it? Heart surgeries are performed on by robotics assistance-that means AI can get in working of heart well. Well guys all one need is to connect all the organs in the simulation on a computer.

The input to one organ is the output of another and vice versa. It can help in detecting the side effects which are specific to some humans and not all—-if any such exists –in the first case. But for sure we wont need human trials to this big extent if the mission of simulating medicines on a human body with a particular genomic structure and specific body needs can be performed on a computer.

This is a real and big use of AI to serve man kind which created it-AI! Yes man created it! And let it serve humans to assist in seeing the unseen things within the human system. Why human trials of drugs that were never been tested before ?! May be the need of the hour as of now ! We have no option ! But in future it can happen on a computer system. Too high an ambition to be met. But journey starts with a step. May be not a right time now, given the pressure on systems. But a must thing for post-covid world. Welcome new AI based health care systems in pot-corona days!


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