Goodbye Past

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Goodbye, To the past, To the history

Goodbye, To all I was, As here I am

Brand new in my attire,

The new avatar, For time never waits for anyone, and so shall I!

For Tides never are same,

For moon never stops shining. I will shine brighter, more vibrant than yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Good bye yesterday, today I have taken off the old sunburnt skin.

Let me get my new tan in the bright yellow sun.

Let the sun shy down looking at this amazement.

Let it fly past its light right on me and greet me a good morning.

Hey Sun ! Look on here—-I am a butterfly with new wings and new beauty ready to fly over the sunflowers you send me !

Yes right here! Good bye all the pains and tears..

Good bye all the critics for I love all the warmth of touches by even the smallest words.

Good bye all the old thought for I love new challenges and new vibrances that shadow down on to me.

Good bye ducks, see me tommorow in my new newness….

You will know its me for my care wont change, my love for my fellows will remain the same

I am just shedding the old torn out skin

But my heart remains the same

By feelings are even more stronger, more tougher and more generous!

Good bye past as i embrace the future through the present

In all that my time can control

In all that I can do

I did the best I can with the most I had

For a better tomorrow

A new morning

A newer afternoon

And better nights after the shades of fears wipes off

From surface to air

From air to water

Form water to land

good bye grief

For only happiness survive where I thrive!

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