Online Health of Mankind-Online Health Trial – To a machine-read by a machine-not to a human!

In this article I want to present to you my ideas on a new software I am planning to develop viz. Online health of Mankind–based on volunteers who would like to volunteer for this task to predict future problems, even the extents of next spikes in a harmless disease to life threating problems. We, on Earth, have seen that a virus halted all of our lives. And we have to be future ready for not just a virus, just be anything, any medical or even societal problem. The software I am working on does the same. For that we would need some volunteers to engage in “online clinical trials”, no inputs would be needed from them. Just day to day workings. And all that data will go to machine, neither I nor my co-researchers would ever look into your day to day data. Just the machines would guide us like a weather monitoring system as “the human or our kids” key areas of interests to keep the mankind alert for any problems of future. Who know what — but COVID has taught us to be prepared! Its totally your wish to participate in it or not which is my installing this software tool in your device !

We are living in a new world—It all started few decades back. The Online World will continue to exists in our lives whether we agree with it or not, whether you like it or not. This is the new reality. This online world has become a necessity for us as a daily part of our lives. It is a small parallel world we live in and I say can be rightly called “Parallel Online Universe” .  Yes, this is a full Universe on its own! And Yes we all live parallelly in our online presence on World Wide Web -WWW ! Oh yes, but this is not completely what we are, just the way we need and consume things are perpetrated in our daily lives much easily through Internet and now we are all used to it. Lest, we never though, before entering this world, that we need security guards there in and thefts are possible in online Internet life too! Aalas, all we saw was Use, Use and Use of being Online! if WWW has to give you so much comfort, friends, shopping’s, news, sports, entertainments and what not to mention here ! Everything in virtual world –and here you rub your mouse to call in the Internet Jinny! And just tell it — I want to watch a online live music concert. “Your wish my command” says the Jinny!

Well Well Well ! There are so many uses of internet! And yes, there are thieves too. But my today’s article is focused on Online Data and its respect, values, authenticity, purpose and use to society while making sure privacy is retained and maintained to the levels allowed by a particular citizen of Online Universe!   Yes, Dear ladies and gentlemen – This online world where plethora of our data is shared is new, so is the people’s understandings – trying to figure out rules of what is right and what is wrong.  I will explain this with an example, Corona is going on Earth, drugs  were to be made ready to tackle it. The pharmaceutical companies of whatever extent wanted to heal mankind. But they had to do some testing on humans for that. Yes, you may not like to volunteer for a noble cause to test a drug which had already been made very deliberately and prior to that had been tested on animals. AND all was fine with the drug inventors. But what about human testing? Oh, you don’t want to get it done on you! That is ok—But your NO to clinical trial wont mean NO by everyone for clinical trials ! Right ! So, if some one is ready to do clinical trial of a new drug well tested by scientists on all parameters—they respect your “No” and they wont ask you and neither ask you for a reason. But there are folks who want to do what ever they can do for mankind welfare—and go in for human trials—-! Not for money but for mankind.

In the same way—If you don’t want to share your internet online data, such as links you clicked and your eating habits—you would be respected–! And your choice should be respected. But to tell you all major companies do ask your permissions! And if he like to share his preferences for data analytics, its his right to do so. Your independent voice cant stop him. Online data trials are needed for a healthy Online Universe ! Just like clinical trials are needed! If its your right to say “NO” to online trials, some need their voice too to say “YES” too. If you think your personal data would be leaked to a machine doing analytics and you are afraid of it. Some do say we are not afraid as we are not doing anything wrong or some are too open about their personal data—that they even write on their Twitter accounts—this is my after bath pic, now I am going to movie—That too with public view on. So, for some there is nothing to hide on in personnel data as to them it hardly matters if a machine does some algorithmic predictions based on it. No human is reading it for sure !!!!! Guaranteed! So to whom a data is leaked to –A Machine! Its ok if you don’t want a machine to know your preferences, but some are too ok—-that it’s a machine doing a job for a better Online Working of WWW Universe-a parallel world we all live in. And they may like to participate in Online data analytics trials too. These people should have a voice too!

Now I want to express why online data trials are needed for a even 1% of  sample size of population of users and what are its uses.  We all know we are in Pandemic, which is not ending and, its already more than a year. Ever thought of how it is affecting our lives. How we have changed and molded ourselves not only in working, but also in listening to songs, our movie tastes, to mention a few. What if some folks want to contribute to where the best creature on Earth viz Man is going online? Is it not important from scientific and medicinal purpose, for we want to predict if mankind is entering a depression pandemic? or are people anxious of something? or our kids too much into horrors stories-which should not happen, or is it that too many people from sample are involved in reading blogs about change in governments, or may be lot of people in the online trials asking for second marriage and not getting a right mate ? These are serious problems! Oh, yes what if our children start searching – alcohol online! Yes they would for sure not liked to be tracked by machines, but parents would set their privacy permissions! Not them! And we care for the future of our children and would not like to support even teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. These are just some of the many reasons why parents would allow—–altleast some for their non-adult children privacy data to be tracked. How else can the machines find out about internet data theft when they click to buy a thing not meant for them. Its ok for parents and teachers to handle it. But this contribution is for the health of mankind not just for some, on the expense of some people donating their personal data and their children personal data for online trials! All to be read and executed by machines! Which will give no personnel information but a summary of the data analytics and where the online world is going to— We hope we will find some online contributors even one family in few hundred families  can help us to lead a happy online life and hence happy life on Earth! Think over it! If you believe in ethics, believe in mankind –believe in trust!  This is the aim of my algorithm to detect “Online Health of mankind”— purely on basis of  personal choice as its your personal data.

These are some of the many problems which if even 1% of the online users agree –to share can really help mankind in several predictions. Even next wave of pandemic, malaria outbreak, or even the overall health of a country, society and Earth as on whole can be measure by these small personal data sharing———-All On Donation Basis not on theft basis.

Well there are thefts also that happen online-so many unpopular applications and website do data thefts.   Sell data and use it in wrong way. Hence, I just recommend you to use authentic applications and websites, which always ask you permissions for your clinical trials of online data—which is safe and secure way to donate some data for analysis by mankind!

I don’t know whether this is being implemented yet or not, but this is my vision and my  mission. If some one wants to donate personal choices what is your problem to it. You can say no. If it had been my company, I wont interfere in it. And you would be free to do what you like. !

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