Ethical Artificial Intelligence (AI) : Find solutions to avoid problems in AI ! Let them complete the electric bulb- to see clearly  in the darkness of Data !

What is imperative is right versus wrong! Not about researchers confused in what is ethical AI and what is not.  Yes, you can think and write about it as much as you like. But Ethical AI, as you say it means doing the right things and debarring from wrong things!  But even a man with enough experience in authoring books can tell whether the benefits outweighs the temporary side effects ! How ??? As he have enough intelligence, though not artificial intelligence ! Focus your energies in right things, the stakeholders are there to guide you for a purpose. Don’t stop the electric bulb from being invented by figuring out the problems in its use for underground illegal mining of diamonds, look for benefits and leave rest on stakeholders – the inceptors! Belief and trust, are the key in any business. Any business be it an academic institute runs on these two factors. Let the Stakeholders take hold of the task. And if you think there are way too many problems—-We need solutions – not cribbing’s—all without disturbing the making of the new electric bulb- to see clearly  in the darkness of Data !

Rights things are as right as the agreement one takes while joining a duty in say medicine or police, an oath to do right things till the end of time of duty! So, what is this right and what is wrong! Well, anything against welfare of majority is wrong while  work to be focused for welfare of the residents of Earth, be it animals, be it humans, birds, trees, flowers, insects…….(yes, it is well said man is a evolution of monkey) !

It is for a greater vision and greater goal that we should strive Ethical AI in, and not in small petty things, which can be handled by solutions ! Solutions to track editing’s done in AI! These are all hacks to scare people from AI ! AI has much good to give to humans than bad! Oh yes, perhaps the stakeholders know how to use the remote controls of AI ! And, I believe we have studied AI hard to know the right from the wrong, researched well in AI to understand the depths and breaths of the subject ! More than that its impact!  And gain the maturity of grasping the side effects of any wrong tools of AI.

I would like to express through this short article. Not to spread panics about AI among people ! And only thing I would like to say is provide solutions to the problem’s dear researchers of AI, CSE !

Solutions to tackle the problems you think AI can pose. You can mail me if you find it difficult to find solution to the “so called threats of AI”! Everything has a solution! Only thing is to stop cribbing and finding it! And these have to be found, since AI was a dream of Man, for a better world, even when huge data on which it is used today was not pilled up on papers, disks and web!  Hence all the problems  can be sort out—you are a researcher, find a solution to sort it out! While, data authenticity problem a researcher today spoke of in an international channel!  What’s the problem with that—-this is not an Ethical AI problem! This is a research problem! Just think!  Ethical AI — I will give you an example—- “a robot trained to help someone guide way——took control of his car and took it off” —————–This is a problem of Ethical AI———! A threat to humans! A wrong and any such wrongs and rights are easily distinguishable by a learned human (any profession) !  Once again data on which training is done, personal data (permissions are asked to use data, you can deny anytime), and other things, ——-don’t pose threat to man  at large—though there are personal losses to a fraction of celebrated people––as thy are mostly looked in awe and subject to most agony—These are problems to be solved and people need its solutions——! Not problems to be scared of and hue about! In short I would say—- Focus on Big Issues that are real threats ! For smaller problems which may be big to someone—-you have to find solutions! How—-! I can let you know ! But just think ! You are researchers yourselves! So we need solutions to problems which are there in AI – Guys get ready to find solutions not altogether quitting what the vision of Man was once——not what needs to be done and what not — but how to do it managing the side effects coming in the way ! And ethical and non-ethical a learned person can tell!

I will give you an example. When coal was first used as a source of energy everyone knew it is emitting harmful gasses in environment, but had man stopped there, we wont have had a developed world rather mud filled un-bricked communities. Yes, climate change is here, but there are solutions to everything. There are solutions to this problem to. Hence same with AI – find solutions! Try and you will find.

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