Happy Earths Day- Let NATURE BE NATURAL , Let Earth BE MORE Natural !

Earth has is been though a lot with and without humans since its creation and existence. Be it acid rains that marked a start to all the major processes or be it the ice age! It has gone through several turmoil’s and still retain self equilibrium of the essential atmospheric, seismical, polar, geographical, biological processes, to mention a few, to the required levels, if not the best levels.

Not just industry emissions you have to focus on dear Leaders! What about cost of taking raw materials from beneath the earth crust? Is the mobile I use, is this its actual cost ? What is its cost to Earth ? How can we calculate its cost? Find parameters! Else I will let you know in my upcoming articles! How to find actual costs. What people see are visible effects on dear Mother Earth, viz. rise in temperature, pollution and ice melting on Earth making seal levels high. See invisible effects too—-earthquakes, volcanoes, un-necessary cyclones, hurricanes, flash flooding’s, thy are all saying something. Yes, climate change, and what about the permanent changes we are doing below earth crust–by over- mining– What is the limit on mining? Did you check seismic layers before giving permission to mine? Or is it just coal and gold? No, my dear people- Look beyond it. Ecosystems! How will you measure loses to ecosystems and extinct species—the damage is unrecoverable. I will give you metrics to measures these losses and use of Mathematics and AI in upcoming articles.


On this Earth Day, 2021, when we look at Earth and the changes to some of the factors mentioned above, in past 100 years and more precisely 70 years, major changes were made in:

  1. Our way of livings
  2. Our day to day needs
  3. The way we commute
  4. The way we communicate
  5. The way we gain information-be it informative or for entertainment
  6. The way we cook
  7. The way we eat
  8. The way we carry things—Yes its a reference to Plastic we use in everything today
  9. In one phrase “Almost Everything”

Compare living in age 70 years back. Not much of vehicles, no mobile phones, no networks, no plastic, no plethora of gadgets in houses, no 4G, no 2G either! , no microwaves & ovens, no air conditioners, fridges,………………………………..so on!

And what we had then?? Birds lots of them singing, plants everywhere in our surroundings, Cattles nearby, fresh milk, fresh butter, fresh flour, fresh and cheap vegetables easily available in neighborhoods. Why so many pesticides, why not set some standards ? Why not use AI based learnings ? Where have birds gone from neighborhood? No trees, no green plants, and lot of cellular networks to disturb them in cities, I am not say mobile technology is not needed, the thing is finding right balance between human needs and birds, animals and insects needs too– they form an equal parts in ecosystem and give back a lot–to Earth and humans! Why most meditation audio recordings have nature sounds, birds chirping sounds? As they have healing effects! But now——real voices are replaced by audio——Is it the same ! Watching a Live Music Concert and watching on TV – Is it same ? Where are honey bees? When breaking a bee hive and eating fresh honey was so common. Who used to buy honey when every other tree around had bee hives. And we used to play with butterflies???? And present home grown flowers to our teachers every week. No! Yes, the average age of man has increased but so have the diseases. The present situation is a clear indication of the proofs of what I am saying. We have to take the best from the modernization but keeping track not to make irrepairable changes to our beloved planet!

Civilizations lived before as well. Sewage was then also and is not a new alian word in our dictionary, so why rivers and seas be allowed to accept sewages as in some part of world–even in good parts of world?? Or is in all our efforts we just focusing on making new cars, tech, robots and earn money and keep economy going without looking at side effects. How many car humans needs? Why existing cars cant be reused with attachable AI components and efficient fuels or batteries?? Do you know dismantling a car and creating a new car what if costs to Earth? To someone it must be few thousands of dollars, but what is the cost of a new gadget on and to Earth ?

Not just a car. I am asking you what is the cost of the following on Earth?

  1. A plastic bottle to store water: Oh yeah wooden or natural rubber is too costly, who will do hardwork with wooden bottles and who will grow so much of rubber, where concrete jungles can be made???
  2. A plastic boat?
  3. A plastic toys? Wooden toys take much longer to be made. But do you know so much wood is being burnt. One could have used it in constructive way and replantation could have been performed.
  4. Untreated Sewage flow in fresh and salty waters?
  5. Gasses emitted from equipment’s such as Fridge and air conditioners.
  6. A new gadget
  7. A new cellular tower
  8. Excess unground MINING!

Its not just green house effect that the world leaders have to reduce in by 2030! Well dear leaders look at- natural preserves, where are our ecosystems? Where are our plants, trees and flowers, where are our animals, the cats that used to come to our houses to steal milk from our kitchens, which our kids used to play with. Or we want our kids to live in a virtual worlds post CORONA times too ? Isn’t that too much.

Oh if you say, these thing are our bread and butter! Well then growing natural rubber, jute, silk(in an nature friendly way), wood, carpentry to produce daily use things from wood, would produce even more jobs than the current sources of employments of manufacturing non-earth friendly un-disposable stuffs. Can we calculate it ? How much employments would be produced ? It is just a way to change – Just a step. No change is ever welcomed by all easily, as humans as complacent with what they are doing and how things are happening. This is human nature. But it is a change in way we think, and gradual change in way things can change. And more employments would be produced for demand is high always for essential things. I am not asking one to replace plastic from medicinal procedures which needs it most of the times, till an alternative is discovered well in our research labs of chemistry departments!

We don’t need to go to aroma therapy to breathe in natural scents of flowers. Each community garden should be having natural aroma therapy via variety of flowers, plants and herbs growing there. Why we don’t see hens, rabbits, kittens in gardens now ? Do we need to go to far off zoos for them ? Why injections are given to make cows give more milk? Hens are given these too? And there was a article I read (I don’t know was it authentic or not ) that eating eggs of such hens can effect hormonal processes of young children–till than switch to organic eggs??? —- We cant avoid everything, but we can let NATURE BE NATURAL ! Let NATURE BE NATURAL , Let Earth BE MORE Natural ! That is what is my message on this World Earth Day!

I can provide you metrics of costs in upcoming blogs–It may take some time as I am busy with my own works too. Well it can be good industry project. I can guide you if you need.

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