Mood versus Environment Change, Non-Medical article

Note: This is a non technical article, not from a medical professional, this article is based on decades of my own self, observation of humans, projected through reading people in these journeys of life’s.

Mood Change versus Environment Change

What is mood change and what is environment change and its effect on a person, animal or even a bird like living beings,

These are relative concepts, let us illustrate and understand from point of view of, relative atmospheric pressures,

Environment Change

Environment is the real or virtual boundaries, a person or living being is in, for a particular time phase. If the time of being in environment is high, this reflects in a person mood, permanent marks, while lesser time phase, shows projections of moods in this plane of environment. This can be understood as, in two dimensional case, the x-axis depicts the environment, the y-axis depicts the time, the projection being the z-axis as mood, this can be used for practical computation, is a suggestion from us, given at times human are biased, for lack of time or interest, to mention some reasons, hence mechanical computation are better,

Classes of Environment changes

There are primarily two classes of Environment changes. More kinds and subclasses of environment changes are predominantly in these two categories, however, once again these definitions are our understanding of the concepts, and hence just like in any other subject, multiple author wise definition can never be ruled out, especially by the critics for establishment of a more in depth coverage.

Let  us take an example, to illustrate the difference between  environmental & mood changes and the corresponding reactions. 

Example. 1.   In a zero gravity or  pressure, or any other kind of low and even space or Moon like gravity/ atmospheric pressures. 

The same person, who used to just preform a nearly same Lifestyle, means same things, same emotions, life’s mood changes becoming plateau in curve of experience, defined in next article.

The one who just reads all day, or the one who works all day & even the one who forgot to  laugh and smile for a while, would mostly cheer up, in this not so usual environment.  

However, these change in Environment cant not and should not be performed in someone whos mood graph is having multiple spikes, No, it can be dangerous, to get a spike in moods for someone who never had spikes. These are clinical issues, the article is not a technical article rather an observation based article which is not scientific in nature but has knowledge to be made a technical article.

Now, the reaction can be categized as normal, high. very high and not to mention that these reactions can go upto. NIL, means no reaction at all, at time, mild pulsating reactions. 

Environment Changes and Mood  reactions 

However, when the same person, taken near the city garbage collection, he or she, would be mostly not interested. 

These are example of environment changes, however,

How and in what intensity, does this happen, becomes related the predominant mood of the subject.


The predominant mood of a person, relates to, proportional, to, the kind of average of area under curve and inversely proportional to the length of the graph, wherein, one must note, predominant mood over a timeline is to be measured. Mood should never be studied on one instant basis, this is a science yet to be explored, yet to be made know of scientific parts in study of Brain, Mind, Soul & Sprits,

Some kinds on predominant moods are:

1. Low predominant mood

2. Average mood

3. Good mood

4. High mood

5. Very low mood

6. Very High mood

Then the effect of environment on these moods can be, described, by understanding of human anatomy, not just brain, but working of human sensory organs, even in animals.

To be continued if required

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