Rishi Sunak Negative Points no one is focussing on, given his high tone and high voice, see deeper

Global Issues, Global Development, These are my personal views, that Britain should had a better leader, but not Rishi Sunak, My personal views based on my understanding of the working, perhaps Mr Raab, was the best candidate, given he was in deputy position as well. Rest all have rights and full freedom, to choose their leaders,

First of all he is just in near early 40’s. What all has he learned? What all had he done, Or are people just addicted to high voice tone, and false promises.

Some of their failed tasks of his include, question is do other countries give taxpayers money back to taxpayers, or all this were tactics to gain publicity ? Taxpayers money is collected for development of nation and for people in needs, this money could had been used to make solar energy, which could had been send to people at a lower or lowest rate. It’s good I wish my government gives free electricity, free gas and free water to me as well, I too need it, but how many governments actually do it, I need it as well, Rishi Sunak, guide in here as well,


Next, his, Sunak’s wife was also in controversies are known to all, and he proudly defends his wife, while Boris Johnson, took self resignation instead of defending his wife’s luxury style shopping for their house, which he never even saw, the bills of, house expenses, well it’s a wife’s work, Borris must have signed it, without thinking, as any loving husband, does, as THE MAN WHO COMMUTES ON A BICYCLE ALL TIME, WEARS SIMPLE, CANT BUY SUCH THINGS, No, but his love for his wife must have made him do it,

“Rishi Sunak has announced all UK households will be given £400 to help with the cost of energy bills.” [1]

This is good, but we all around three globe need it,

“Energy bills: Rishi Sunak gives one-off repayable £200 discount to households. Many to get additional support from £150 rebate on council tax, but no help for businesses amid rising costs” [2]

Now, why no help to business, as business investments can make the economy grow, people come and buy, money flows in the system through common people and business, people would had been richer if businesses would had been well funded, and there might had been no requirement to handle the rebates,


It’s nice to receive such discounts, but why business and industrial growth was not financed, given with growth in these aspects can make people independent, help in small scale businesses, as Boris Johnson wanted, and even started in his tenure was much better option


Who else pays freebies to win elections ? Not right, what will he do, make people depended on the money collected form them only, via tax, or does he want people to start small business, support big names, for service people, salary increments, & global developments. Increase the salary, increase the dearness allowance, but free energy is part of Climate Change, money was needed to be put there in Climate Initiatives 





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