Firefighters, Prayers or Hypothesis: Engineering Sciences – To help reduce losses in local Heat waves, forest fires

Note: This is a proposal, it’s a thought to solve problems, how long it shall take to start delivering depends on global cooperation. And if the proof of concept, proves it worthy in even 50% cases or not shall require time and patience. Other models are welcomed, this is just to brain-storm to start. And other alternative is praying, the third option is relying on best services of firefighters. Firefighters always win and are ready to come in most fires in forests, and their work contributions is tremendous. How many solar panels required is part of hypothesis proving, is it better than letting fires burn? Floods happen? This is thought to be thought. Another task of Engineering Sciences is to make firefighting department more tech savvy and more gadgets, tools, automatic cars controlled with remote control.

Why hypothesis in this article? As we have lived so long in this state, we need to move next steps, so either,

1. Firefighting department more tech savvy and more gadgets, tools, automatic cars controlled with remote control.

2. Develop global weather monitoring system, and connect to local weather monitoring systems.

Hypothetical Weather Extreme Control Engine, to control forests fires, some solutions

Can it be made, at no loss to environment??

The key point is, varying low and high pressures, this moves winds, and even clouds, low pressure related to heat, other to water, and other things

Summary- It feels painful to see age old trees on fires so high. If one cant pray for relief, with true heart, otherwise, what about can thinking of designing some Hypothetical Weather Extreme Control Engine to reduce in some way harms of the weather extremes, which are sudden, unpredicted, in best ways. Other benefits of the same model is to use Engine in good days to control rainfalls and droughts, on Global Co-operation basis. However, I believe prayers are best solutions to such things, too powerful beyond human control. But this model can be made to be installed on newer planets, to kick start things. As life on Earth, as per some articles, too started in by rains which were not water.

The third planet in the solar system, Earth gathers heat from inside & even from outside. The inside heat is the effect of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere trapped and this leads to an increase in temperature, but one must know. The local weather, rains, and cool breezes that fly over neighbouring areas should be able to control hot fires and be regulated by the firefighters. This can’t be done manually. Firefighters risk so much to stop fires, may be we can provide them, automatic fire proof gadgets, to be send to dangerous places with a remote control, better fire and heat proof clothes.

Earlier the early men used to pray for rains, and for mercy, from extremes which were weather phenomena; climatic phenomena need to be tracked in advance. However, we live in an era of Advance Scientific Developments, hence, praying and many a times immediate relief needed, and provided. I think that prayers are always answered, may be with a delay.


Hence, the solution should hypothetically be made from concepts of the most recent trends in research, in the interdisciplinary area Engineering Sciences. The outside heat is based on solar heat, solar flares, & likes. In a weather-based extremes, humans can’tcontrol neither the inside heat nor outside heat, at a particularly short interval of time. However, in the long term Hypothetical Weather Extreme Control Engine can control to reduce the inside heat, by a controlled and profitable way to reduce emissions both in the atmosphere and in terms of waste on land.

The two kinds of phenomena, as discussed above and that need to be studied are weather extremes and climatic extremes. However, local low and high atmospheric pressures, can hypothetically control wild tensions in atmosphere. We have reached pinnacle of developments in almost all fields. This is a hypothesis, that we may be able to control mild atmospheric harmful changes. However, to prove this hypothesis, one needs a complete department, complete structure of gadgets which are bulky and difficult to move around the place where one needs them to be installed. This may be an ideal, machine of size and shape of premium ship of Titanic. The other capabilities this hypothetical machine on sea would require would be collaboration, with all other machines. This shall not be a local or nation level concern, but a global collaborative initiative.

Other benefits of the same model are to use Engine in good days to control rainfalls and droughts, on Global Cooperation basis.

It said a picture says more than words, hence the following proposed model, of interconnected in sequential way. Let each place where the machine is installed be called a node. Given weather impacts are made in this way, sequential not in any arbitrary manner, only machine nodes connected to this location needs to be connected to the location node. 

The following figure explains, the Hypothetical AI-based Solution in brief. The colors here express the machines though huge are installedd in sea (blue), green pastures (green colored) and land (brows colors). More number of machines may be required, however one can start with a smaller segment, say a continent, to start with.

Now, what work this system shall do is explained in the following way, the system, should be having solar plates, solar energy, mobility of directions, and the aim is to effect the low pressure and high pressures of the local environment,  we need more than one machine, as the low pressure and high pressures cant be changed just by one machine and without causing harms to other areas. Hence, the cumulative effect of low and high pressures, across a large area. This is Hypothesis, that such a machine can be made with help of expressive solar panels, to create heat, and in a way changing wind direction.  Initially, this needs to run manually, then with AI. If failed one can send it to Mars, to start, the mission there, given on Earth there is a lot of concretizations. There are many other benefits of Global Connected weather monitoring system and Climate Studies can really learn form this.

But I still say, praying with true heart may be the best solution. And firefighters are there, but, they need to modernize as per state of need.

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