Fireproof Houses Amid Climate Change Threats

What kind of Houses would be stable for these new Climate Threats?

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The latest tragic case of climate change was when houses in Maui, Hawaii, were burnt down to ash, as was rightly said by some journalists, to be a blast on the land.

What kind of Houses would survive climate change then?

This is not town planning just planning the house building.

Are we going too fast in reconstructing such places?

No, then we need houses that are:

Fireproof, means the material it is made of should be right. Can some kind of covering on the existing structure help? Or a new house need to be made? Would fireproof material work in such severe fires?

— Flood Proof, means when it rains in excess the structure should not be affected nor should the water enter the lowers living areas

— A floor high living areas so that no water enters

— Tolerant to hailstones of all sizes and kinds

— Tolerant to excess heat

— Waterlogging — If reconstructing an entire locality

— Excess snow handling

— High winds

— Now, cyclone and typhoon-safe houses?

— Many answers need experts in several fields to sit and discuss and come out with solutions!

Climate change is here, let’s adapt to it.

When making a new locality, house, or community, review these points.

China Puts More Restrictions on Internet Use!

Note: These are author’s personal opinions and not news. For exact news please refer to other source.

Yes! More restrictions! This time on internet timing for children below the age of 18.

— Now, China’s policy on internet use has changed for Chinese children.

— Earlier it was some fixed hours per week.

— Now it varies for age groups.

— Very young children to be allowed a few hours.

— Senior teenagers get 2 hours of time to use the internet.

— The problem is of surveillance.

— All these restrictions need data about the user.

— This means the government has all the information about who is using the internet and what is he/she viewing.

— Typically, young children are only allowed some programs and some informative educational things only on phones.

— This is not bad, but data collection is against the right to privacy. That too depends on the country itself.

— At times children too need some content other than informative lectures.

— Many children eat food with videos only, given parents are both working and hardly have time to give leisure.

— Time limit is good, but what about the privacy of children as they grow into teenagers?

All this to say that it can lead to high surveillance and control of what can be viewed, how much of it can be viewed and hence changing of personal opinions, choices, and henceforth decisions.


[1] China looks to limit children to two hours a day on their phones | Reuters(

UFO, UAP, Reflection or a New Physics? — Part 3

Note: The article posts some suggestions, these are just alternate points and these are not claims that such a things exist. These are just suggestions to turn the investigation of UAP, UFOs in a new direction. None of them exists to the best of author’s knowledge. Further, the article is present on author’s account as well.

Recently there have been more discussions worldwide on Unidentified Arial Phenomena (UAP) and Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO). This topic has been much in the news this past month.

In the previous article, I covered the mechanisms of UFO’s which are not conducive to the Physics of Earth. Everything on Planet Earth follows the principles of the Laws of Physics of Planet Earth. These laws of Earths Physics are well-tested, repeatable, and trusted on Earth and even in large spaces outside Earth, that these laws hold. For all the space satellites and objects send from Earth beyond Earth’s atmosphere follow the laws of physics of Earth as well. But UAP, UFO defy the laws of physics of Earth.

So — UAP? “What is it?” & “Why do we need to care about it?”

What it is?

Well as the name suggests it’s an unidentified object or aerial phenomenon. This means till now it has not been identified.

Given it uses no fuels and no wings to fly.

Is it a mirror image or is it a new Physics?

If it is a mirror image where is the actual object and how is it reflected in the country’s skies?

People can see it, especially the pilots and those in skies.

Is it visible from ground as well?

Or is it just a bag of UV rays? Perhaps some IR rays?

What is impact of such rays in skies and how does it unfold?

Why do we care about it?

As it is in Earth’s atmosphere, more importantly, it is in a country’s airspace. The country in whose airspace these phenomena are encountered would obviously be worried about it.

Now, what about other countries?

Is it disturbing only North America.

Or is it that only North America cares about it, rest countries are ignoring it altogether?

If not, where are the details about UAP from other countries?

Some people say that, there are aliens in the remains of UAP and in UFOs.

If so one can study further about where they came for, and hence it becomes important. As one gets to learn the New Physics.

So have other countries in the world too collected the remains of UAPs and UFOs? If so its time to compare the results.


[1] Video: Are aliens out there? UFO testimony sparks buzz | Watch (

[2] Gravitas: 3 Whistleblowers share evidence on how U.S. is hiding alien technology | Watch (

[3] UAPs are ‘in our airspace’: Witnesses testify at UFO Congressional hearing in US | Watch (

Names based on Sounds Needs Emphasis as Well

Energy, sound, voice, and speech

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It is a known fact that sound too has energy. When a person calls on your name, it’s not just that they hear you, it is heard in an environment too, and apart from that the sound carries an energy. So, the thing that one cares most about sound is one’s name or children’s name or the name of one’s work, or even pets or companies.

So, sound has energy, when someone takes your name, it is associated with an energy pool in the vicinity or universe, as is the case. There is no known formal proof of it but a point to think about. How do we name our children, based on sounds we like most, or based on what priests tell us. It’s time we get more involved in it. Let’s also consider what sound we like most and what sound the new name to be. The liking can be nice and relaxing to the ears or jolly to the brain and mind.

Traditionally in many parts of the world, people do keep names based on liking the name to their ears and brains. For example, if you say the name to be Adi, the sounds are as follows: AA-DEE, the spelling can vary, but the sound should not vary. If this sound suits you, then the name can be kept as Adi or AAdee or likes.

Now, in some places in the world, there are theories of what alphabet a name is represented in, that is they think it is on the basis of numerology. Numerology deals with what the name is made of, and the alphabets in the name. With numerology, it also suggests a person’s persona, profession, and personal life.

And you go to some numerologist expert who suggests you add an extra “A” in your name or delete an I and replace it with an e. However, all this won’t change the sound of the name. Hence, sound energy needs to be understood as well, as is numerology theory for names.

It’s okay, no I am not saying to change names, just let’s add this as a point to consider while naming a new baby in-house or a new company you are starting.

Happy Naming of New Babies and Happy naming of new things in house pets or new companies!

Robots and AI for kids: AI and Robotics Ethics.

Are we ready and do kids need them?

As the world is progressing in AI and Robotics, a question comes that is “Are our kids ready for AI and Robotics?” This article talks about this issue.

Kids are using AI on their parent’s phones unconsciously. So many kids in metros know how to ask Alexa to play their favorite songs and poems. That means AI is already exposed to kids and but how much is safe AI for kids?

Many more questions arise in this context. Some questions are how much robotics is safe for kids in various age groups. Do kids increase cognitive behaviours with kids’ robots near them in the absence of working parents? How and when is the right time to introduce friendly robotics to kids? What all components of robotics should be on the list for Robotics for kids?

Well, the answer to support robotics is that children learn more while having fun and toys are the ultimate respite of kids when pressure from school starts growing.

Also, there are parents who don’t like to send children to school so early in their younger years. For such parents, Robotic Toys with AI can be a real help. This is because children would play with robotic toys and at the same time learn comprehension, astrology to even medics through the AI embedded in the Robots. However, the toy must be safe for children in a particular age group.

The Robotic toys with embedded AI needs to be safe and should not hurt, something like a talking soft toy or talking football to other exercise and play sports with robotics safe for kids. Again, all this is as per age group. These tools can tell how much a child is loving to play smart football which tells pressure and direction to mention a few examples.

However, all this need to be divided into age groups. Yes, the Robotic and AI-based toys need to be divided into age groups. One basic categorization is as follows:

1. 0–2 year. No robotic toys. Some smart musical assistants are kept far away from children.

2. 2–5 year. Mild soft robotic toys that can’t hurt and embedded batteries that can’t come in the hands of toddlers.

3. 5–10. Again, these should be non-hurting robotic toys but with advanced learning embedded software.

4. 10 and above. These children can handle walking robots and should be able to learn while using Robotic Toys. Still, caution may be taken.

These are not the ultimate and final division of the use of robotic toys in different age groups. These need to be studied and understood and then authorized for use. This may take time, as the children, the governing bodies, and the Robotics team, all need to understand the framework of Robotics and AI for the children and any harm that needs to be avoided by children. Child safety is the first point in this process.

This article gave a brief on how Robotics and AI can be useful for kids, but given there are downsides and pros and cons that need to be looked at and the parent needs to be vigilant about Robotics tools at all times. The solution to all questions is license of the Robotic toy to pass the Children’s AI and Robotics Ethics guidelines. This would set all the questions and their answers. There are no such guidelines yet, but in the future, more can be explained and such guidelines can be made.

#18. The Teddy Bear Robots

#fiction #sci-fi #sciencefic #magicalRobot

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Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence. The story is fictional as well and is based on fictional facts.

There in Nisa company, Mosik the HR of Helleny’s company came in to ask for some Robot for his child. All this as on his last visit to Nisa company, Mosik saw baby Robots as well. He entered Nisa company and referred to last dealing with Nisa company.

Mosik: Hi, I want to know about these baby teddy bears on the showroom. I saw them last time and it brought me here.

Nisa Executive: Yes Sir, these are Teddy Bear Robots.

Mosik: I came with my company people to buy the enterprise robot last week.

Nisa Executive: Oh, that is great Sir, I will take you to the manager’s office, please come.

The executive took him to the regional manager office.

Manager: Oh, I am so happy to meet you again Mr. Mosik.

Mosik: Thanks, buddy.

Manager: What are you looking for now, any issues?

Mosik: No, your robot has mesmerized everyone in the office and is performing well on all demos he is giving to his teams and office.

Manager: Thank you, these are well-tested and well-made robots.

Mosik: My son’s birthday is coming, I was wondering how these teddy bear robots work, the ones on showroom windows.

Manager: Oh, these are cute pieces of almost soft toys with little machinery.

Mosik: Ok, can I have a demo?

Manager: Yes sure, he called in the executive and told him about demo of a teddy bear.

Executive: It’s here the golden-coloured teddy bear robot.

Mosik: He is so nice, and he can walk. What’s in it? Can I know your name executive?

Executive: I am Ahha Mitali

Mosik: So Mr. Mitali, can I know a brief of what it is?

Manager: I will tell you. These are soft toys that are wired and connected to the brain of the teddy bear which have all functionality, they are soft, as they don’t have much functionality but AI. They are AI-powered soft toys.

Mosik: I see, how much intelligence they have?

Manager: Much more than an AI chatbot and the main thing is they are locomotives, they are charged like any robot. Yes, for sure a 15-year-old can handle it. He can talk, jump, run, take part in many other things and answer a lot of questions and provide many solutions. Also, help with the homework, apart from being there with you for Pizza and sprinkling oregano on Pizza, all with basic machinery.

Mosik: May I have your card Mr….

Manager: I am Khill Lorel, you can call me Khill

Mosik: Mr. Khill, I want just the replica of this golden teddy bear with advanced AI for my son. Here is my address. Let me know what all you need for me to buy this beautiful piece of science.

Khill: I will get it completed, have a seat. Mitali wrap it as a gift…

Mosik got other formalities completed.

Hollywood Workers Strike and AI

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Workers and actors in Hollywood are on strike for better working conditions, and guarantee of the right work and pay, among other reasons. AI has the potential to change the world, it is used everywhere now, last time it made this big news was openAI’s chatGPT. ChatGPT threatened the world’s largest search engine, and many people were scared to lose their job profiles and livelihoods.

The use of AI and GPT has been profound in big-screen professions as well, such as in Hollywood. Hollywood movies have started using AI enormously for some time now. The use of AI can be for cinematographed and animated acting sequences to even actor replacement, singing, and special effects. The applications and their effects are not limited to this. Many scenes are AI edited, many sounds are AI created, many action sequences are created with AI, and now AI can use only actors’ images to create a complete scene. The AI can use sound and images of actors to make an entire movie as well.

This is one reason why actors and workers in Hollywood can be unhappy the other reason is workers’ pay and minimum worker’s remuneration. These are two major reasons for the current strike. Regarding AI, AI is here, no invention has gone back ever. These are new developments. Still, the solution needs to be found, as explained in the paragraph below. And regarding minimum worker remuneration, the workers need to sort it out with the management there. All professions are asking for pay rise, as seen in UK, so this seems to be a similar situation. We wish them luck in these talks with their management, apart from that guarantee work for coming years as well, work in proportion to the number of years they worked in these sets.

As with AI, AI has come of its age, but this does not mean actors should not be paid for using their images and voice. The first thing is why not actors be posing in movies rather than AI avatars? Yes, AI in some cases, can do some tasks in a much better way. So why not work in hybrid ways, wherein AI avatars and human actors both work seamlessly in roles? This seems to be the only solution when AI can’t be taken back, given the shine in work with AI and the human actors have full right to work as his/her profile is being used in the movie. The profile includes the image, body mass index, voice, sounds, and so on. Even if AI has come, no one can replace human testing, human acting, and human editing. The more you use AI the more human editing’s that would be required.

Rest it lies with the governments if they want to ban AI toolkits and software, to allow old-style movie making. This seems difficult. But as with time, things change, progress is made and new working styles are developed. The new entries may not be fully open but the old people at work, need to be paid compensation for their work and commitments. Let’s hope for new avenues to open. TV and Netflix series are more options that people can choose. Once again there are many avenues to choose from once this tussle is sorted. There may be many more options that are not part of this article that can be looked into.

#17. Master Robot Operating System Initialized

#fiction #sci-fi #sciencefic #magicalRobot

Note: The original article is also on author’s other social media account.

Note: All characters here are fictional, story is fictional as well and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence.

Heleny asked Marita steps to change the name of his robot and changed the name of his robot to Presso.

In the meantime, Heleny reached Nisa Robotics Company to see developments of company robot. He went there with the Manager of the team which would handle the company robot.

Nisa Company Executive: Good Morning Mr. Heleny. We were expecting you for finishing the setup of your company Robot.

Heleny: Yes, this is my second visit here for the Robot, what do you want to know? Btw, meet him, Aari, he is Manager of Project that will take care of developments with AI.

Aari: Hi!

Nisa Company Executive: So, the robot is ready, come I will show it to you. Here is he.

Heleny: Oh, he is bit heavy and bright.

Executive: Yes he is oversized as compared to other robots you have brought. This robot needs some extra computing powers hence he looks heavy as extra machinery is put into him.

Heleny: Yes, he has that screen in front of him as well as at back of him.

Executive: You need to enter certain details into him and restart him here only. We wanted to give you this opportunity so that any concerns can be answered here only. This is a complimentary service that Nisa Robotics provides for our top Robot buyers. You are buying a top-grade robot from us.

Heleny: Ok, don’t worry, we can do all that. After handling 3 normal robots we are all used to loading in the robot.

Executive: Yes, this is a complimentary and mandatory free service for you.

Aari: Heleny, let’s do it.

Heleny: Yes, ok let’s do it.

The executive started booting the system of Robot.

Executive: What name should be entered for the robot?

Heleny: I thought over his name, I came up with name Worko? How is that guys?

Executive: That is good.

Aari: Cool that sounds well as to he would have to work hard. Lols.

Heleny: Great then, let’s keep the name Worko.

The executive continued adding information as was asked by the startup program and Heleny provided the answers to be fed into the new Robot Operating System.

Executive: What kind of work shall the robot do primarily ?

Heleny: Reading coding languages, specs of documents, product requirements specifications, AI and other software requirements to develop and help in the development of the next-generation AI-based Management Information System for various use cases. This is one such project, we have many premium software products as well in which he shall assist us, in the modernization of propriety codes. Examples include generating AI spreadsheets, charts, summaries and so on.

Executive: Oh, that’s a huge task. I am switching to the option of parallel processing and high-performance computing in the robot.

Heleny: That’s fine. We want the robot to interact with our machines in a seamless ways.

Executive: That would be done.

Heleny: That’s nice.

Executive: If you wish the third and last complimentary service of Worko Robot can be done here or onsite in your office only.

Heleny: Onsite would be very nice.

Executive: We will install patches that needs manual upgrades today, tomorrow these things can be tested in your office.

Heleny: What say Aari?

Aari: Yes boss, that is fine. Let’s give them time and we’ll see the real demo tomorrow.

Heleny: Thanks, dear, see you tomorrow.

Heleny, Aari, and the team were waiting for Worko and the executive to come to the office, all paperwork for their entry to the office premises was completed. It was 10 am and all eyes were on the doors near to each person in office.

Nisa Company Executive called Heleny and they reached the reception and made the entry to office seamless for both the robot and the Executive.

Heleny: Cool, he looks nice. I have not seen such a robot bit healthy. Health of knowledge he has.

Executive: Yes Heleny, he is indeed. There are more slots that can be filled up in case you want more modules and there are spaces where the current hardware can be replaced by more modern hardware with newer software.

Aari: That is cool.

Marita and Thomas joined the team looking into Robot Worko as well.

Marita: This is exciting, would be present us with a demo Heleny?

Heleny: Tell us Executive?

Executive: Yes indeed. He is the Master Robot in AI and Tech both. Since you choose both options, hence he is the fattest of all known robots.

Thomas: Ok, where can we see his demo?

Marita called the cafeteria to order coffee and some snacks.

Helany: Till snacks come let us have some demo, let’s take him to the server room. We will test him over some test servers, not live servers.

Executive: Very well said and thought Heleny.

Thomas: Let’s get going and send him to server room?

Executive: You have to talk to him guys!

Heleny: Worko, follow us to server room, please.

They reached the server room.

Heleny: Master robot Worko, this is the server room, and here is the test server. Tell us what it is and how the data in it is?

Worko: Sure, connect me to test server with a usb port.

Thomas: I will do that Heleny.

Aari: Show the content, analysis and decisions. This is an old test server, which we have not cleaned of contents for long.

Worko: I am working on it, give me 10 minutes since you want both Master robots — tech and ai.

Hellany: Yes, snacks are here, let us go to conference room and have it till he reads the data.

Executive: There was no need for this Hellany. Still, thank you.

They had snacks with some talks on how Nisa company is progressing highly. Then they heard the sound of a beep.

Hellany: What was that? A washing machine beep like sound!

Executive: Let’s go, he has done processing the initial analysis.

The executive and all reached the server room.

Executive: Helany asks him if he is done processing as you should be interacting with him.

Helany: Are you done Worko?

Worko: Yes Hellany, Executive, and team. I am done and I am ready for the presentation.

Helany: Cool let’s go to the presentation room.

They all went to the conference room, and everyone was excited.

Worko: Here are insights on the initial test server. Everything is arranged in slides. Here it goes. The data is quite old, timestamps here show data to be obsolete. The covariance in the data in the folder called “data for company KLO” is highly uncorrelated there seem to be errors that need to be corrected. The other data on company KLO has use cases and codes have been written but the class diagrams do not tally with the use cases. However, the codes are in the programing language ‘java’ . They use applets that can be replaced with newer developments in form display. The algorithm calculates the financial market analysis and the profits that can be generated for customers of KLO company. KLO is your client for software development and is paying heavily for software maintenance and development. Here are some graphs from input and outputs generated by KLO company and your company’s software outputs.

Worko showed some graphs, and charts, as well as future predictions of the company. The company relies on your company from A-Z of software and Data Science work. We can present to them more kinds of stuffs. I also generated a code in java to end the report with integrating predictions in their software for their customers. Here it is.

And the story continues………..

Note: These were interactions of a newly bought robot. These are fictional characters and the conversation is fictitious. No such robot exists till now. But the aim of mankind is to learn what it wants, hence imagination is a way to start this journey. We have to imagine what we need then only we can build what is needed.

Note: Some images in the article are made by OpenAI toolkit DALL-E2

Solution to Owning Arts — Traditional Artist versus Digital and AI Artist

Summary: In case artists are working in collaboration, one is a traditional artist and another is digital artist or AI artist, both can collaborate to make the art reach new heights with joint ownership and no tension of copywriting. This is a plausible solution to the future of artwork. This would need a platform where traditional artists can meet modern Tech and AI artists.

Traditional artists

An artist can define his own ways to make art. Some want to make and create artwork with water paint colors, some with oil paints, some with clay, and some with even glass, to mention a few. These are all examples of traditional artists. The artist earns through his or her artwork preview and sale. Art is their passion for which they give in their life for. Mostly their their profession too is art too. Many artists are big artists while a number of great artists too are there, but not all are famous with the same wavelengths.

With modernization and developments in technology, new ways to create art have been developed. The newer ways of art are faster, cheaper, and more attractive, though most people still prefer the original arts which takes real effort and time to make. It’s not that photo editing and AI-based arts don’t take the easy way to make, the tech and AI artists too need training, understanding, precision, and accuracy to make anything to be displayed and to be sellable.

Tech and AI artists

The Tech and AI artist can vary from digital arts, 2D and 3D printed arts, or as now is a famous art form AI based arts, to which many artists have transferred their works to. These artworks require professional artists to understand how to make digital art of any form. This requires a toolbox or software that need to be understood for painting from scratch or editing in case artist are working in collaboration.

In the case of AI-based arts some form of coding would be required if one is doing it from scratch or else they use some third-party tools to create artwork which do not require coding. The Tech arts if by editing/co-creating are based on an art by a traditional artist or a professional photographer. In both cases, these are copyrighted by the owner. Even if the editor edits photos still the base art is someone else’s work. If it’s an AI artwork then the base artwork is not so easy to define. The base artwork can be many paintings, photographs, some free some copyrighted. But AI artwork can be in itself a new form of art not there before, still, they can be at times substantially similar to some original works. These are the issues, lets’s see below how they can be resolved.

Challenges for artists in Tech and AI to are enormous. As artists who don’t paint on canvas in the traditional way the Tech and AI artist are under pressure too. The pressure of copyrights, pressure to earn and pressure of owning the rights over the arts, publicity as well as authenticity.

Solution to comparison and tussle between the two sides

The artists from both sides seem to be under pressure. Both have doubts and worries, one for misuse of their art by Tech and AI artists and the other for claims that they own the digital art on which they have worked so hard. This is a tussle between the traditional Artist and Digital artist.

With competition from Tech and AI some traditional artists have been feeling worried about new art to make as well as how to create more lucrative artworks in competition with the quality and speed of Tech and AI-based artists. While some of the Tech and AI-based artists are also thinking all the hard work can go in vain if someone asks for a claim of the base of art.

Some forms of AI and Tech are often subject to being manipulative and not creative. In the case of editing/co-creating software by Tech artist, one must ask the base artist or the owner of photography to allow him to edit the photograph. Else once the copywrite is issued, they may pay back dividends and credits to photographers or original artists, in case the arts were not free to use arts. They must divide the ownership of new art created by the new collaboration. This can be taken further on a positive note as if they are doing a business collaboration. This was for Tech-based artists who do not create art from scratch and alternatively use third-party tools for editing and more.

AI-based arts are not that simple to be disguised. It is not that easy to find who the original artist is or what was photography used to create new art. Even in newly created AI artwork, the artwork can be completely made with AI based learning or the artwork can be made by learning and amending already made arts and photographs in a completely new way. In this case its hard to find the owners of the AI made artwork. This can be made of two parts:

  1. The AI art has a lot in common with some arts present in training data. Then the algorithm must help find the original file and track the owners.
  2. The AI art don’t have common in 80% of the canvas in this case the art can be considered to be made by pure learning, which may be considered the same as human learning.

In case artists are working in collaboration, one is a traditional artist and another is a digital artist or AI artist, both can collaborate to make the art reach new heights with joint ownership and no tension of copywriting. This is a plausible solution to the future of artwork. This would need a platform where traditional artists can meet modern Tech and AI artists. Once this platform is ready, new artists can meet online with traditional artists and make business relations and earn money jointly. This would be a harmonious relationship between all kinds of artists. This marketplace should not belong only to paints but to all forms of artwork.

Wishing all artists the best.

Understanding Responsible Robotics-Why and How?

#futurist #future

Responsible robotics assumes robotics that is helping humans in solving problems and assisting humans in needful work, and at the same time, Robotics should not do wrong things to harm mankind in any way. With this being the aim, responsible robotics can be built. Once the software is set and knows a machine always follows the rules inscribed in its software, one can be confident that responsible robotics cant hither towards the wrong side.

One must understand the right side as well as the wrong side to make a robotics operating system, a system that runs the robots. Let us assume that the robotics software is manufactured by company N1 and robotics company R1 manufactures robots that have underlying software from company N1. The robotics company ensembles, and make parts that work in tandem with the help of software from company R1.

This is not about generative AI alone, it’s about cross-checking what was generated by AI and what would be allowed for robotics. Not all AI algorithms shall be safe in robotics, hence it is a must to have specialized AI software for robots. There is a direct relation between the growth of AI and the growth of robotics proficiency since robotics do use AI. However, many modules of robotics are also based on non-generative AI.

Why we need robots is a different question. It is required to do things human can’t do. It has to understand the problems before understanding what it can solve. There are huge lists of applications and all this does not mean job losses, no, just like calculators, mobile phones didn’t take away jobs without giving in new jobs in the same way robots installed in cities and states, won’t take away jobs without giving in new jobs. Just like making a space for a cat in the house don’t undermine your tv time. This can be the way to go ahead, not by blocking developments but by embracing change. Moreover, humans have reached a cliff from where there seem to be only a few paths ahead.

Now, let’s focus back on robotics, whether we use it or someone else uses it. To clarify many robotics are used even now in various locations and industries. Won’t you want a robotics-based rescue from mine in case of some need? Won’t you want robotics to fix another planet before humans go there? And what if you are promised that robots won’t take your jobs but are preparing for some outer space mission that is not safe for humans? Why should humans be sent to other planets before machines? Yes, you would say “There is no Planet B”, yes but look at the challenges being faced here, and there is no harm in trying to make a Planet B while retaining the health, and vigor of Planet A, which is Earth. Its a long way to go.

Won’t you like fire-resistant robots to go and help in forest fires where the firefighters can’t go? Robotics to separate from garbage electronic materials and plastic? How much can humans do alone? There are jobs not meant for humans, let us accept that truth and there comes machines to use.

Machines all powered by operating systems from AI software company N1 ought to be well-tested by N1 before being installed in robots from company R1. The problem with responsible robotics is competing robots. Ever heard of competing and fighting robots? Yes, robots from one country/organization challenge robots from another country/organization. Let’s have universal machines which are neutral and are only for the welfare of humans. Hence, a peace deal is required even before robots are made and used. These are the why’s and the how’s work on human deals before the use of the machines.