Doctor with a Robot by his side! The Future.

Note: At present the software and algorithms cannot help doctors much unless confirmed by doctors themself, such as in some surgeries where doctors nod that they can help. Otherwise will just confuse the doctors and patients. This is a future mission and the way mankind should work on. Please do not rely on AI as of now for treatments unless approved.

Once the current AI reads all medical books. Yes, this is what it is called, AI based programs reading medical books. Then AI will be able to recite what it has learned, with symptoms and with the right dose as is studied in medical courses of various kinds.

But that is not all for medicine.

This process can be called medical recitation.

Doctors can’t be compared to medical recitation.

The doctor can keep a robot by his side, who suggests things all the way through discussions of cases with the patient and then recite in and hear the doctor’s final conclusions. This way it will record what he said, what the doctor suggested and then this is a kind of feedback to the robot and is called reinforcement learning. This robot will be associated with the doctor. It would grow with the doctor and will be an expert as like the doctor.

The robots can scan the reports and get in inputs it needs by scanning and informing the doctor of what abnormal things it has found in the report. The doctor can have his robotic assistant to learn the way it wants.

The Robot one day will get its software algorithm replicated to junior doctors robots and this will go on.

The robot once trained can go out on its own to places to assist other junior doctors.

It can be used in places such as the current disaster place, earthquake disaster, where people are short of everything, and work with junior doctors to help the burden.

This can be used in cases of places where doctors are not available and the individual taking the first aid is known to understand the basics. Here, the robots can work with remote support.

A sample query can be “dog bite immediate medications required”.

These are kinds of helps it can do as of now.

At present the software and algorithms cannot help doctors much unless confirmed by doctors themself, they will just confuse the doctors and patients. This is a future mission and the way mankind should work on. Please do not rely on AI as of now for treatments unless approved.

Other helps can be “Please tell about various kinds of cancer therapies, time and treatments details.” These are things it can do on its own.

However, one would always need a doctor, to study the x-ray sheets to understanding the empathy. Till robots learn to scan a pdf document and read an x-ray. All these are processes done in by various fields of AI, but now is the time to join it all in one robot.

This wont effect the doctors work, as the population is growing and life expectancy is growing, we need more doctors than number of doctors graduating each year.

AI would help the overloaded doctors as many things people can understand before going to doctors.

It can tell which medicines to take, and what to do if the current one does not suit you.

Already some surgeries are performed by AI but in a supervised way, this is exactly, what can happen with doctors with AI machine robots by his side.

But it still needs to be supervised by a medical expert, as a reinforcement learning task.

This may reduce the expense of healthcare.

Even doctors would be relieved from all time looking for the compositions of medicines around.

It’s a long way to go, but we can start now, and train a specific AI LLM along with doctors. The model doctors are using can be well trained by them and hence can be essential for future growth.

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UFO communication: Truth or Fiction. UFO Part II

#scific #fiction #truth-or-fasle

UFO were discussed in previous article.  UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. This article just lays some scientific and general questions about UFO. 

Now, UFO has been seen and detected in images. Let us focus on its communication technology. If Aliens are driving UFO, then UFO needs some form of communications, otherwise it is something which is remotely controlled like a ballon, just seen over world.

Yes, these are UFO and those what you saw in daylight were balloons. Balloons can be pricked but can UFO be pricked too? Yes, they vanish so fast, are they Ballons from some other worlds?

Why do UFO get vanished in time till we see them for long? Why are their presence short lived? 

Do UFO have features like balloons? Then it won’t need fuel. But they are of shape of a spaceship. Can we have balloons of that shape.

If they are ballon’s then, who prick the ballons and where are the debris after pricking?

If none of the above are true, then let us come back to communications. How do UFO communicate.

Who is the alien driver ?

Where do debris of UFO go after they are spotted. Given anything that has mass and matter will have debris too.

This is a scientific world, there can’t be magic here in skies. All is logic and science.

Are these man made scary things? Or are these really Alians living on Earth.

Why they live on Earth, as there was no recorded entrance in Earth space at that time stamp when UFO were reported. Otherwise NASA would had told Alian spaceship entered Earth. Nothing like that happened but they are seen in flying zones in countries.

So communication is important, in the way they need to communicate to base stations when UFO was seen by humans.

The time UFO was seen by humans, then its time for them to vanish behind scenes? Is this the case? This won’t had been possible without communication systems with UFO and Alian base.

If communication was made, was it radio frequency or are these Aliens using our satellites to communicate? If not what is source of communication between UFO and Alians.

These signals should be caught. As at the end of the day humans are not in UFO, they are Alians. Why? As humans have mass and matter and cant vanish like this when caught with airforce on all side.

We just hope these are not balloons form some sources.

Lets dive more in it in coming articles.

China’s Cloned Cows

China claims to have successfully cloned a new cow. This cow produced almost double the milk. Oh! But is all this erasing the naturally occurring species of cows?

Would Nature make cows be lost in time ?

Already China had cloned Three cows with these high milk producing capabilities.

But, wait, were we not wanting nice cows and nice milk, rather than only a race for just milk? Why a race for cow milk ? Why not race for nice cows with nice milk?

They are your cattles, and you love your cattles.

Isn’t goal of a dairy farmer is like to have happy cow, good milk ? Why not cow be allowed to have green food and see these Happy cows giving nice milk.

Yes, dairy workers need cows that give good milk to make a profit. Why not be natural — why not natural cows, if Nature had wanted such high produce, mutations might have been performed in the process of natural selection as a genetic function.

After all they are animal, living beings, not just only milk producing engines!

Rest depends on those who buy, keep and reproduce cow. Good milk yields are essential too, as is the demand, but we’ll keep more cows then!

Be kind to cow, they are living beings too. Why competing them for extra milk, more than what is natural? We don’t have kids based on extra skills on sports? Do we?

Galaxy Number 884, The Boxing Galaxy #fiction

#fiction #science_fiction

Note 1: This is a completely fictional story, and it bears no resemblance to any person or any place, living or passed away. If you find a resemblance, it is purely co-incidental and is not meant to hurt any sentiments. The story is cast out in a place far off in Universe away from where even telescopes cannot view it.

The concepts are taken form my book the Colored Princess, available on Kindle.

This is a story far off in Universe, where boxing was the language to talk. Yeah, they used boxing to talk and do things. All moves of boxing that are know here and many unknown moves too, there in Boxing Galaxy 884, there were meanings associated with each move. Each move in boxing in boxing galaxy meant some gesture, meant some part of the talk.

A small punch position, meant, come in for tea!

While a big punch position, meant, would you have lunch with me?

This cute little world, people from around the universe used to come as souls to have fun and also to learn boxing.

The boxing there didn’t meant, harsh hitting, but a language of love, just they expressed love in a different way.

Yes, souls around the worlds came in there. They then wear their galaxy body covers and then they had the strength to do the toughest conversations called boxing talks.

The main leads of the story are Gerima and Semeta. Their souls entered the bodies of boxing worlds and they met, as soon as they came out of the box.

Yes, Gerima and Semeta, the souls enter the spaceships and get in new solid body covers and looked like kind of humans, but with muscles and toughness required to create the right talks. This is all fictional, but in this fiction place this is how the things happens.

The tomatoes and cucumbers too talked in the language of Boxing.

Love is universal, and this is a fictional part of universe, so why would they be behind in love? Special boxing gestures were for love birds in this place.

Gerima and Semat, were all time in loving boxing gestures, they loved boxing most, and spend days caressing in boxing talks of love.

And the known ones talked in language of boxing all the time. People outside this Galaxy 884 thought, tracked them on telescopes. The trackers thought these guys are practicing boxing, while, yes while they were sharing stories. As this place people hardly talked but gestures and postures ruled this part of world.

The schools and universities gave courses on learning how to do boxing gestures, and boxing talks. People did research on which boxing move can mean a new topic in conversation.

Yes, Gerima and her partner Samata, met on their visit in spaceship to Boxing Galaxy, but it felt to them as if they are in love since zillion years. They fell in unbreakable love in the Galaxy 884 of Boxing, and since past 30,000 years they are still in love. Now both Gerima and Semata take births in other galaxies and are learning new courses. In the end, they married and are living happily ever since.

Hi, from Boxing Galaxy, come by and visit this when you are willing in the spaceship of souls. This was a short fictional story of love of Gerima and Semata, this love story germinated in the Boxing Galaxy.

Note 2: Some of these images in this article, these were made with help of AI, in particular with OpenAI latest product Dall E 2.

Queen Elizabeth The I- Questionnaire in Absentia

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Note: The facts are the union of several articles, documentaries, and movies written and scripted on her life. There may be human-generated errors, which are purely unintentional, and these are not to be considered historical facts. Though we have tried to keep these errors to a minimum. Most of these events are facts of the life of Elizabeth one.

Here is a short questionnaire in absentia!

What is Elizabeth I known for?

She was one of the best female monarchs’ histories could ever have. She was courageous, she motivated her troops well, and she was herself a warrior, though with a soft heart. She ruled and this period of rule is also called the golden age in the era of the welfare of the people and developments to advancements.

Was her professional life easy?

The perplexities that surrounded her were enormous in both their personal and professional lives. She gave her all to her state, her country. She had many rivals, many enemies, but her aim was not just the crown but the welfare and hence she had God by her side. In short, her professional life was not easy, and she was on run for one problem after another, though some major problems are always listed in history, rest are understood to be on backgrounds.

Was her personal life easy?

She never married nor she considered any relationships in her court. She developed some enemies for this reason alone. Ever since childhood, she was faced enormous difficulties. As she became Queen after her half brother’s death, the crown was on her head as a 25 year old woman, but challenges all over the carpets she walked on. She was victim to abuse as well, of both kinds.

What made her professional life difficult?

The key professional problem once she got the crown was, her cousin’s sister Queen of Scotts, who wanted to overthrow her, in the name of religion, she is being catholic, and Elizabeth-I was protestant. The task of maintaining peace in this highly divided country was not easy and maintaining the crown was even more difficult. Then there was Spain, whose offer to marry Elizabeth was once rejected by her. In history was a war between the two wherein, she won despite having lessor troops, and more unprepared and undersupplied. There were many more endeavors she worked on and are not talked of boldly.

What was her childhood like?

Starting from her own half-sister being against her. Her sister never liked her for many reasons, they were from different mothers, and prominently Elizabeth was a protestant, and she was a catholic, and they were key potential competitors of the crown and crowd of England. Apart from that many things she did to make her teenage tough and childhood troublesome. Even her father after a while didn’t care of her much. She was sent out to complete the courses in various disciplines.

Why she never married?

The man in her court she fell in love with, too wanted to marry her. But she was called out for being behind the demise of her lover’s wife. This made her away from thinking of marriage as a Queen and can’t be set to be under such allegations.

Who was her heir, given she never married ?

The son of her cousin sister, Mary of Scotts, was a catholic King she choose to rule after her.

How did she died?

Elizabeth (7 September 1533–24 March 1603) died of natural death, though she suffered many illnesses, such as throat problems and fevers.

Here is a image of her taken from Wikipedia, as given on this website

Reference for this image is as follows:

Tiger, Tigress and Cubs — How Many Left ?

Once the Ministers of Jungles now, endangered- Tigers !

Tigers population is now in a few thousand as per internet sources [1]. These big, beautiful cats are powerful in strength and can hunt and eat big fast animals like even buffaloes. They are known for their hunting skills, but sadly they were made targets of hunters who used to hunt them for various reasons. Firstly, the skin of tigers is collected for several reasons and even the teeth and nails, are considered to be useful in south Asian parts of their hive.

Let’s respect tigers, lets respect and spread information that collecting its skin and parts are not a show of pride, but a question to rethink.

These top ministers of Jungles are vanishing at a high rate. We need to do something to preserve these varieties of tigers which are predominantly now only in the Asian part of the world only, seem like this as per all major internet sources.

The variety of these animals in these parts of Asia varies quite well, to distinguish them. The tigers in Serbia are very furry, while there was a mention of blue fur tigers too on WWW, though the claims are yet to be verified. White tigers we all have seen, but how many are left?

So, lets save tigers, with proper care, the Tiger, Tigress, and the little cubs. These are not to be used as a means of leisure, respect their time, diet, and their animal rights too.

All tigers have unique pattern of lines on their bodies, again as per internet sources. Why not use this fact, and register the unique pattern as their fingerprints for their safety.

If one watch the tigers hunt in open forest, then they kept track of animals to whom they would pray. They take time in hunting, it’s not just what they get, it’s whom they prey.

So lets save tigers for future generation to see the big cats who was so fierce and who was so much an attraction for men. Now hunting is legally an offence. And we hope more rights be given to big cat called tigers.

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Paintings by AI: Unethical or Ethical?

Now the new paints by AI are coming out to be quite good. These are kinds of robotic paints, not directly produced by a robot but by algorithms that rely on human learning. Hence, they are dependent on humans to produce results. And don’t be surprised if some parts in the partition of the canvas are taken partially from a well-known script too. This happens as some parts of algorithms may be produced by statistical learning as well.

Paints and Images made with AI are not comparable to novel human artwork- not, at least till many more years.

It’s a fight between human-made paints and paints made with AI. AI paints can copy, edit, and recreate.


But the real image it cuts copies have been made by some humans. Okies? This is it, the baselines on which someone makes the AI paints are with human arts, human photography, and human editing. And AI art is made on top of it.

Yes, AI does wonderful editing, and wonderful drawing. But AI is like a trained machine algorithm, which was trained on paintings, arts, and photography made by humans. So, if you made a beautiful new thing of art in virtual world, know the base of art was someone’s art, and the right credit must go to the owner of the art too.

Humans must not fear, as humans are always a winner in this competition with machines.

Why — as human work was used to make AI algorithms learn and relearn how to draw. It needs Input and your tags to draw, and input is made by humans.

Lest it validates the output produced by comparing it with human arts and paintings as well. This is yet another dependency that is there between AI paints and paints by humans.

Note: The images in this article are produced by OpenAI Dale-2 algorithm.

The Sprit of Mother Nature

#sprituality #climate_change

This is a short article of how materialistic worlds and spiritual worlds walk together at times of calamities people call Spirit of Mother Nature as well as for science of climate change.

Given the climate extremes and weather impacts on lives. Deny it or not so many people speaking of Mother Nature is in anger or in disgust, these days. We all say this is as if she is some kind of high spirit or a Goddess. Is she really in anger or is she in pain, we just say these words knowing that mother nature is not in right mode. She can be in pain herself. However, there are no common formal names for her in literatures. But people refer to this name, Mother Nature.

On one side people call it climate change impacts and yet the more yester thinking people call it Mother natures fury. Well, we must note on one side we call her Mother and on other side we call it she is dumping things on us, as some female US based politician called it. No, she is Mother Nature, the aspiring Sprit of Nature she is. She is not just a spirit, but a beautiful high sprit. We have seen healthy nature all time, echoing its beauty in all directions. The birds chirping in beautiful landscapes to huge lush green gardens and valleys with riverside. This is Nature, and the day you call it Mother Nature things change. We call it Mother Nature, as is common term used on in communications regarding nature and its phenomenons. So, as we call her Mother Nature, the sprit of which is everlasting beautiful, how can it harm its own people? How can it harm those who love it? No, it cant happen.

Given more disasters in climate phenomenon these days. It was evident something is not right. But if you call it Mother Natures work, then know the sprit of Mother Nature must be in some jeopardy, which creator does such things. No-one. One must know that creating these beautiful things, anything that is so nice, cant be destroyed by the creator. There must be some power, power powerful than us, that we all call Mother Nature. And this is highly broken and effected. Mother Nature is highly in pains and sufferings. Lets pray for its healings. 

And if you are more practical and less spiritual you can view this as a climate change impact. Nothing to deal with sprit of Mother Nature. But so many people have referred to recent nature’s calamities as referring it to Mother Natures fury, no dear people, it cant be fury, it must be some pain, and problems, the Sprit of Mother Nature is in. And, otherwise call it climate change, what ever you like, this has been explained in from both fronts, spiritual and materilistic worlds. The materialistic world refer to materialistic scientific proofs for all phenomenon and the former refer to belief in spiritual beliefs and his proficiency. Both materialistic worlds and spiritual worlds go hand in hand in times of calamities.

Does Rishi Sunak just say no to Immigration-Yes or No?

Rishi Sunak new year message revolved around his five goal plans. One of which was his immigration policy. Currently, UK receives lot of immigration calls from various parts of the world near it. Immigration can be legal and illegal. The main source of illegal immigration to UK is from boats. People arrive in boats to UK to take shelter. Rishi Sunak was heard saying say “No” to boats. Well, someone who has traveled miles in the sea just to reach UK, can’t be said bold words of No, I don’t think so. Rest they are lawmakers, we just present our ideas. This seemed like quite a mean statement.

Well, classroom for policies is one thing real implementation is another thing. If you want to say no to people coming on boats to you, as Rishi Sunak calls it “Say No to boats”. No it’s not boats, there are people suffering on these boats too, these are not just empty boats. The people are tired after a tough journey to UK. So, if you want to say no to boats, be humane. Know why they left their country, and help them in going back, if you don’t want to open, visas on arrival for them. Otherwise, a predefined number of applications can be asked for and processed for further policy implementations.

There are other kinds of migrations that involve other ways young, educated people enter UK, that was being talked of. But those are well-off people, who are not covered in this article. Those who reach on boat from distance are hungry, often sick, and tired. Don’t just say NO in a blunt way.

Why not make policies that are friendly, securing your borders and at the same time not hurting the people ? Ok, it’s understood you want to say no to people on the boat, but why not process the things, and give them care and greetings before sending them back? Show them your welcome greetings. One should be kind, in any circumstance. We have not read the full policy; we hope it is a warm way to say No to boats rather than a harsh way.


[1] Tory leadership race: How Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt could approach immigration policies (

[2] British PM Rishi Sunak vows to halve inflation, tackle illegal migration | Business Standard News (

Google was left behind in AI by once Elon Musks OpenAI, was Google not vigilant of this competition?

OpenAI was once Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and other co-founders company.

Google left behind in AI by a recent years startup company OpenAI. This is a small company in front of the name Google. So how can OpenAI take over Google premium AI works? Not one product it beat, Google has been left back in so many areas by OpenAI research, that too it being a non-profit company initially. Is Google really left behind OpenAI now ?

It was reported on web that Google made a similar chatbot as Open AI, chatGPT but it was never let open to public? Why? Just because it can put in some harmful content to user, then well post-processing is all it needed. Yes. Post-processing, should not a new things to developers in NLP. It detects the outputs, check if it can be displaced and debar it from release citing as harmful content to the user. That is, it. So, the chatGPT equivalent in Google, never came out. Now, they are releasing a chat bot for medical chats, but that needs quite a lot more to be perfected and may be prone to more errors, as the answers are not many but few.

In image processing too openAI’s Dalle-2 is making so many news. But what about Google equivalent of this image processing toolkit. When the competition is high, one needs to be on foot to see what the competitors are making and about to release.

Still, Google have time to take over OpenAI market as an equal opportunity partner, rather than waste time in non-conventional releases. Now, Google should aim to bring in sound embedding research ahead of other companies, that is what healthy competition is all about. And healthy competition should always live.

Its ok all competing partners co-exist in all areas of products be it in electric cars to space programs to operating systems. But keeping morale high and not falling in is a must. Even now Google have time, to showcase its cutting edge AI research, by post-processing and blocking harmful content.

Come on Google, why are you hesitant? Showcase your competence, else your name will be lost to OpenAI. It makes me remind that once Yahoo was de facto things, taken over by others after a while.

Here is some history of OpenAI compant initially founded by Elon Musk and partners.

Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and some other collaborators started an AI company Open AI in around 2014. In Feb, 2019, Elon left OpenAI [2]. But all this was his view to provide free AI to everyone, without charges and much licensing, as per internet sources. This means it required really big funding. Some of the reasons Elon left OpenAI was he said the people OpenAI want to hire are those whom his other ventures Tesla have some kind of contradiction, apart from that he reported he can’t function well with his base companies, Tesla and SpaceX. So why he took over Twitter after a failed attempt at OpenAI? Anyways we are not focussing on these in this article.