Rishi Sunak Negative Points no one is focussing on, given his high tone and high voice, see deeper

Global Issues, Global Development, These are my personal views, that Britain should had a better leader, but not Rishi Sunak, My personal views based on my understanding of the working, perhaps Mr Raab, was the best candidate, given he was in deputy position as well. Rest all have rights and full freedom, to choose their leaders,

First of all he is just in near early 40’s. What all has he learned? What all had he done, Or are people just addicted to high voice tone, and false promises.

Some of their failed tasks of his include, question is do other countries give taxpayers money back to taxpayers, or all this were tactics to gain publicity ? Taxpayers money is collected for development of nation and for people in needs, this money could had been used to make solar energy, which could had been send to people at a lower or lowest rate. It’s good I wish my government gives free electricity, free gas and free water to me as well, I too need it, but how many governments actually do it, I need it as well, Rishi Sunak, guide in here as well,


Next, his, Sunak’s wife was also in controversies are known to all, and he proudly defends his wife, while Boris Johnson, took self resignation instead of defending his wife’s luxury style shopping for their house, which he never even saw, the bills of, house expenses, well it’s a wife’s work, Borris must have signed it, without thinking, as any loving husband, does, as THE MAN WHO COMMUTES ON A BICYCLE ALL TIME, WEARS SIMPLE, CANT BUY SUCH THINGS, No, but his love for his wife must have made him do it,

“Rishi Sunak has announced all UK households will be given £400 to help with the cost of energy bills.” [1]

This is good, but we all around three globe need it,

“Energy bills: Rishi Sunak gives one-off repayable £200 discount to households. Many to get additional support from £150 rebate on council tax, but no help for businesses amid rising costs” [2]

Now, why no help to business, as business investments can make the economy grow, people come and buy, money flows in the system through common people and business, people would had been richer if businesses would had been well funded, and there might had been no requirement to handle the rebates,


It’s nice to receive such discounts, but why business and industrial growth was not financed, given with growth in these aspects can make people independent, help in small scale businesses, as Boris Johnson wanted, and even started in his tenure was much better option


Who else pays freebies to win elections ? Not right, what will he do, make people depended on the money collected form them only, via tax, or does he want people to start small business, support big names, for service people, salary increments, & global developments. Increase the salary, increase the dearness allowance, but free energy is part of Climate Change, money was needed to be put there in Climate Initiatives 





[1] Rishi Sunak Announces £400 Grant For Every UK Household (tyla.com)https://www.tyla.com/news/rishi-sunak-payment-every-uk-household-20220526#:~:text=Rishi%20Sunak%20has%20announced%20all%20UK%20households%20will,a%20series%20of%20measures%20to%20help%20struggling%20households.

[2] Energy bills: Rishi Sunak gives one-off repayable £200 discount to households | Energy bills | The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/money/2022/feb/03/energy-bills-rishi-sunak-discount-rebate-council-tax

Wishes – Thought of the Day

Good Morning, The Thought of the Day,

Wish and believe wishes are the beginning of completion of great achievements. Wish, for you and your encircling environments,

This is the power of law of attraction, as given in so many books, Napoleon Hill, was once such author,

Imagine how tough the path may be, for the guiding stars to help,
So, never loose hope, this hope is a strength, 

Let us be confident, and know, that most true wishes are fulfilled today, tomorrow or few days or years in counting,

Thank You, and have a magnificently nice day,

Mood versus Environment Change, Non-Medical article

Note: This is a non technical article, not from a medical professional, this article is based on decades of my own self, observation of humans, projected through reading people in these journeys of life’s.

Mood Change versus Environment Change

What is mood change and what is environment change and its effect on a person, animal or even a bird like living beings,

These are relative concepts, let us illustrate and understand from point of view of, relative atmospheric pressures,

Environment Change

Environment is the real or virtual boundaries, a person or living being is in, for a particular time phase. If the time of being in environment is high, this reflects in a person mood, permanent marks, while lesser time phase, shows projections of moods in this plane of environment. This can be understood as, in two dimensional case, the x-axis depicts the environment, the y-axis depicts the time, the projection being the z-axis as mood, this can be used for practical computation, is a suggestion from us, given at times human are biased, for lack of time or interest, to mention some reasons, hence mechanical computation are better,

Classes of Environment changes

There are primarily two classes of Environment changes. More kinds and subclasses of environment changes are predominantly in these two categories, however, once again these definitions are our understanding of the concepts, and hence just like in any other subject, multiple author wise definition can never be ruled out, especially by the critics for establishment of a more in depth coverage.

Let  us take an example, to illustrate the difference between  environmental & mood changes and the corresponding reactions. 

Example. 1.   In a zero gravity or  pressure, or any other kind of low and even space or Moon like gravity/ atmospheric pressures. 

The same person, who used to just preform a nearly same Lifestyle, means same things, same emotions, life’s mood changes becoming plateau in curve of experience, defined in next article.

The one who just reads all day, or the one who works all day & even the one who forgot to  laugh and smile for a while, would mostly cheer up, in this not so usual environment.  

However, these change in Environment cant not and should not be performed in someone whos mood graph is having multiple spikes, No, it can be dangerous, to get a spike in moods for someone who never had spikes. These are clinical issues, the article is not a technical article rather an observation based article which is not scientific in nature but has knowledge to be made a technical article.

Now, the reaction can be categized as normal, high. very high and not to mention that these reactions can go upto. NIL, means no reaction at all, at time, mild pulsating reactions. 

Environment Changes and Mood  reactions 

However, when the same person, taken near the city garbage collection, he or she, would be mostly not interested. 

These are example of environment changes, however,

How and in what intensity, does this happen, becomes related the predominant mood of the subject.


The predominant mood of a person, relates to, proportional, to, the kind of average of area under curve and inversely proportional to the length of the graph, wherein, one must note, predominant mood over a timeline is to be measured. Mood should never be studied on one instant basis, this is a science yet to be explored, yet to be made know of scientific parts in study of Brain, Mind, Soul & Sprits,

Some kinds on predominant moods are:

1. Low predominant mood

2. Average mood

3. Good mood

4. High mood

5. Very low mood

6. Very High mood

Then the effect of environment on these moods can be, described, by understanding of human anatomy, not just brain, but working of human sensory organs, even in animals.

To be continued if required

Reference- Null

Life goes on to Essence, A Poem,

At times, we cry, for what if all was love

Then we realise, to accept, there is jealousy too in the world,

I stood up today

Took the oath, to try again, to meet my ends, before the game ends

Who wins, is not the concern, for victory is not just a word

But an attitude, a glory and a mission,

De ride and run to win, should be in harmony

This is but a word

To understand that, this path is filled with roses

Not with nails & thorns, that hurt, no

This is to learn, that destiny is but an answer

To the question you seeked,

That harmony is but a question

To the desire expressed

That desire is but a reflection

Of what you are

That what you are is but the inner calling

The soul, the guiding sprit, and the essence of the ultimate

Which flows freely, towards us,

As we belong to the one essence

And that is love

And that is peace, joy, compassion and all that beauty is meant for

Author- Nidhika Yadav,

Here is my today’s pic, sharing, as one should know, who is behind the curtains of beautiful and painful posts.


Spicy Mushroom GreenPeas Mashup Salad

Here is spicy recipe for hot mushroom green peas #MashupSalad

I am making mushrooms after long time, as no one in my home eats mushrooms much. It is for sure tough and really very time consuming to get the white of Mushroom. But is was all worth it. I don’t like to eat full mushrooms. Making and eating mushrooms after decades now.

Obviously this is not age old recipe you want to follow as it is, as a women cooking blogger once laughed on my suggestions to her – saying she don’t want to change a thing about the age old recipe, for my suggestions to her. I told her, I am saying to change a thing in her recipe but to have the alternate parallel dish too. As some can think, so why not their innovated recipes, if tasty, nutritious, healthy and nice. If you can’t, as she laughed me, then you would be same state as age old times. Lols!

Ingredients: 1 bowl of White of Mushroom, 1 bowl of green peas, one small onion, 4 spoon of oil, one fourth spoon of salt, one spoon of black pepper, 2 dry red chillies. 

This is my personal step, of getting the white of Mushrooms. I do not like to eat the stem of this thing, I don’t like the lower part – fibers or furry parts – that joins the stem and the fruit. May be because I have been in a habit of separating the juicy sensitive fruit from stem and any parts exposed to air, before consuming it. I personally do not like to consume these exposed to atmosphere parts of sensitive juicy fruits and vegetables.

It costed me 1.5 dollars to get the raw mushrooms and getting just a small white of Mushroom. More cost is cost of time to peel the Mushrooms from all sides to get the white of Mushrooms. It was time consuming, but it was all worth it and I can spend more time to make it again.

Step 1. One bowl of the white part of Mushroom. I don’t like the stem and the brown-blackish growth just where stem meet mushroom, so I peel it all off. I shall call it the white of mushroom in my cookings. How to get the white of Mushroom steps are given below, after the recipe is over. 

Step 2. Heat 4 spoon of vegetable oil, I used raw mustard oil. Heat till mild fumes comes, else smell of peculiar mustard oil remains. You can use any oil (pulses oil or vegetable oil, as per your suitability)

Step 3. Chop one onion and put in hot oil, fry for some seconds, till it’s mildly changed in color and textures.

Step 4. Put the clean white of Mushroom in the frying pan now.

Step 5. Mix it in pan.

Step 6. Add spices in pan now – one fourth spoon of salt, one spoon of black pepper, 2 dry red chillies, cut with scissors. Now mix and fry it for 1-2 minutes on very slow flame. Make sure, not to burn the mushrooms. And also make sure to keep mixing these.

Step 7. Wash one bowl of green peas. See the ratio for perfect blend of taste.

Step 8. Add these peas to the frying pan now.

Step 9. Put 2 bowl of water in frying pan now. And let it heat. This will cook the peas and mushrooms would taste even more wonderful.

Step 10. Heat it on full flame.

Step 11. Keep heating till all water dries up, no need to throw water, let it dry up with heat of gas stove flames.

Step 12. Now water is reduced to lesser quantity, taste the green peas, are they of your likings in softness. Or are they hard, if they seem hard to you, add some more water heat more. For me it was perfect green peas softness I wanted.

Step 13. When the water is much lesser, start using spatula to dry the lesser water, keep mixing and keep drying it now. On full flame, see how it dried. Why we don’t throw water here as it has all essential nutrients so why to throw, heat it dry. Water to be thrown when some kind of form, or dirt occurs while heating in open pans, hence I prefer heating in open pans, to see the process as well. To dispose any dirt in cooking if it occurs, at times in heating pulses, or so..

Step 14. This is ready to be served now, dry still juicy, hot, spicy. 

Step 15. Serve

Steps to get the White Of Mushroom from raw Mushrooms from market.

Step 1. Take 400 grams of Mushrooms. From market.

Step 2. Take it off in a plate. 

Step 3. Put it in a big utensil, fill it with water. Mildly shake the water, do not rub.

Step 4.Just in 39 seconds, remove mushrooms to a clean utensil. See the dirt left in other utensil.

Step 5. Take one by one each mushroom. This is my personal step, I do not like to eat the stem of this thing, I don’t like the darker growth joining the stem and the fruit. May be because I have been in a habit of separating the juicy sensitive fruit from stem and any parts exposed to air, before consuming it. I personally do not like to consume these exposed to atmosphere parts of sensitive juicy fruits and vegetables. 

Here this is what I got from the 400 grams of mushrooms, just the white part, by peeling off the top and removing the stem, avoiding the lower darker part, as it is exposed to stem.

More cost is cost of time to peel the Mushrooms from all sides to get the white of Mushrooms. It was time consuming, but for sure with it all. If I get mushrooms again, I won’t mind making it again even if it takes time.

I have deleted permanently my Art work from OpenSea NFT. However, they are part of my Published Books and it’s Theme. I never accepted crypto currency’s as a morally right source of money earning, NFT meant to me as a copyright, but now I got to know it can be hacked.

Note: This is to declare the copyright issue with my paints, arts, and sketches. All these art work are part of copyright my published 7 books. The use of licensing is with the use of my books with my publishing house. Though these are available to be accessed on my official website as well as some of them on my Authors page on Amazon.com.

Note: My paints are not for selling at any place online. None. These are part of my art works, my poetry books and my novels, available online. The copyright of my art lies with the publishing house of my 7 books available on Amazon.com, and links on my official website, nidhikayadav.com.

I never accepted crypto currency’s as a morally right source of money earning, NFT meant to me as a copyright, but now I got to know it can be hacked. My art presence on NFT was to secure my unique works, not in any way to earn money. And for sure I HATE BITCOINS, I HATE CRYPTO CURRENCY’S.

I made my paints for hobby only, but now they are in hundreds sheets, I didn’t knew what to do with it, neither I get time to search and even upload them on art work websites. No, I have not uploaded any of my paints for any monetary benefits or any publicity apart from my official website, in my books and ops one on my author page. These are all mostly on theme of my books – poem books and novels.

I am not alone who paint for passion and hobby.

I once put my collection on NFT but now I have deleted all my paints from NFT, given NFTs can be hacked, and hence even more trouble, so better they are on my website, open to be accessible with no trouble, as art should be.

Why, I added it as NFT, so that I can hold the rights of art work and no one copy my work. But many online paints on my theme have come up recently. And I am in no way ever was interested in selling them on NFT. It was on viewing mode only, not for purchase. Neither, I know how to use concept of bitcoin’s, nor I have a financial expert to tell me this, nor I want to earn in a system called bitcoins. I consider bitcoins as a non ethical parallel money making institution wherein, any value is made to make anyone rich in 1 day. Why so many huge, processors using immense energies, when still NFT can be hacked, when still crypto currency’s can be hacked.

I have deleted permanently my Art work from OpenSea NFT. My paints are available for access as art work on my official website, however as per the copyright of my books, poem books and short story books.

Here is the proof that I have deleted the NFT OpenSea, given this hacking world is rampant on NFTs as well.

Please stay safe, have nice day.

My song- Under The Stars



Here is my song, under the stars, written, sung and directed by me only.

Full song in my book, #lovebook3 , The Third Poem Book. Love and Life. Please see the book, for full song. Here are snippets and full song in my voice.

Here is the YouTube Link of song in my voice.

Under The Stars


Right under the dusky stars

I wait for you to arrive 

And ignite thy shine

For it lays under the sun

I await thou arrival

Even in fire with no therm

Just hope remains

That you shall meet

Before the dust erodes me away

All over once again

Says my hunch

Shall I persevere a little more

Right in my ears

Lies my heart

For these little words can’t say more than this

Link to my song on Podcast on Audiomack:


My song: Come hold my hands, #LoveBook3#Pains

Full song in the LoveBook of Pains, available online.

Here is YouTube link of my song I wrote, I sang and directed by me only.


Here are my lyrics

Come my love

Hold my hands

They are open apart

Waiting for your touch

Touch my hands

All they want is your love



My arms wide open

For you to fit in

Don’t be shy

Let us both

End this pain

That torments our souls


Come my love 

Hold my hands

For the worship to reach heavens

To preserve our love

To save this love in prayers of faith

And blessing be reached back to us

Let’s hold our hands to pray together

In the temple of our love

Link on Audiomack Podcast here:

Come hold my hands by Nidhika Yadav: Listen on Audiomack

Happy Holy ! Here are my own paintings after a while, Theme : When sparks in them are in Love

Theme of paints I made recently: When sparks in them are in love.

Here are my own paintings after a long long while, I got some very scarce time to use paints.

My lines:

When trillion year old memories come back,

When even the time stops to look at us,

And we paint once again our love story,

This time not to be buried in by the envy

Online links to purchase them sooner.

Everyone! Another Day of love!

My Song, I open my wings to be in his arms – My Song from my book, The Grand Park of Living Stars

Here is the song Myra of The Grand Park of Living Stars sang for her beloved man.

Here is short audio introduction:

I open my wings more

To embrace him in my arms

Arms wide open for his love

They, my wings seek

His love

As do I

I fly higher to watch him

When I can’t be with him

I fly to be with his image

Made up in mirrors

Behind the skies

Which sees it all

Which hears it all

I fly higher

In his love

I fly in his adoration

I fly to worship him

I fly to spread the glory of our love

To distant places

I fly for him

I fly higher in his love

More today than yesterday

I shall fly higher in his love

The second later

I keep flying in his love to distant places

To tell the tales of our love

I fly more in his idolization

To here and there

To everywhere I can

I fly greater to worship him

I fly greater to love him

While my wings open to love him

And they flutter in the warmth of his love

They waver when blushing in romance And they hesitate to move when he kisses me

Audio Mac Podcast Link: