Two angels flying past sky

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It was Sunday I again started with Color’s and made yet another flying sprits. Why do flying sprits take attention in arts ? Let’s answer these questions.

Angels, fairies and flying humans are part of mankind’s history. But how much is this true?

  • How much and what is truth about the flying humans?
  • Who can answer this questions?
  • There are several paintings that are very old depict human like personalities with wings.
  • There are sculptures showing the wings on human
  • Even on horses
  • Statues show both men and women with wings and these are very old pieces of work
  • Any imagination in man’s mind is made from a belief or existential question as per some texts
  • Any thought in man’s mind is made from energies of this place only, as per some readings
  • So, what’s the truth of flying humans, flying man and flying woman with wings
  • Was there another kind of humans on Earth, who used to have wings and used to fly? If so how did they became lost in these modern days?
  • Or these are sculptures and paintings of souls or spirits which are in the corresponding human bodies.
  • Seeing these facts, to me it concludes that these are wings if sprits. Rest only more facts can explain. Sprits, soul and body are three different things.
  • More facts such as DNA remains of some flying human or flying animal and from that whole story of truth can be jolted out.
  • They gather attention because they are related to angels, too, who are suppose to heal all problems.
  • They also are related to fairies who give the blessings of what one wants.

These are some points. And this attracts us to drawing feathered beings. I am particularly very much fascinated by winged beings be it bird or otherwise. So I landed up making another sketch with wings, though this was a quick one, given I had just little time today, still I pursued my interest as much as I could in given time. You can see this on my collection.

The 11th Parallel Solar System #fiction

Note 1: This is a completely fictional story, and it bears no resemblance to any person or any place, living or passed away. The story is cast out in a place far off in Universe away from where even telescopes cannot view it.

#fiction #science_fiction

The 11th parallel solar system, where there are yet again these planets rotating around the sun, similar sun, same age and same capacity. Just everything is little smaller. These are lands of Catty and Mousy. Catty and Mousy relation is very much like the famous characters on TV on Earth. And they are both happily married. And its land of Catty and Mouse. Catty is the Queen of this land and Mousy is the King. This planet was called CattyMousyARTH.

In the 8th book of fictional characters and fictional universes, Catty and Mousy planet was indeed thrilled and filled with lot of excitements. Catty is sharp like her image of Earth and Moussy is a fast.

The 11th parallel solar system, everything in exterior is same but in the interior are Catty and Mousy. The lands of lot of them are like this. There are 20 parallel solar system in this fictional part of universe. These solar systems behave like the solar system of Earth, though millions of light years away.

These are beautiful lands but the houses are smaller, even the mountains much smaller. Every one looks like walking cats, just like Catty and Mousy.

The pollution have reached there as well. This is Catty and Moussy planet where the fuel and energy are rising in prize too. And to your surprize just like Earth, the Catty and Moussy planet too have pollution and green house, methane effects showing in there.

There was one solar system of bunnies, one solar system for teddy bears, one solar system for cats and so on……….They all installed solar energy for resource of working. Further, every other systems was in need of start of a massive energy healings, given all the systems have run hard to modernizations to this level

In the end, we came to know all the 20 parallel solar systems had this problem of pollution on their third planet called Earth.

They communicated but still any effect on Earth makes an impact on all the parallel solar system and even on the Catty and Mousy solar system, CattyMousyARTH

All the fictional solar systems are related to each other in the in fictional spiritual presence of those creatures which are omnipresent in sprits, often called holograms in some texts, here in this story.

Finally, they called all the powers in all the solar systems for peace, harmony and many other things for balance of energies. These are called energy healings in their lands. With energy healing lot of bad efforts on their lands were healed and dealt with. All planets installed solar panels and life was much better with that.

Effect of pollutions and green house effect of gasses having impact in fictional planets such as CattyMousyARTH, far away in universe are all healed and sorted by now.

Note 2: Some of these images in this article, these were made with help of AI, in particular with OpenAI latest product.

Climate Change and Efforts! Prehistoric Times to Modern Days

With deep regrets to all loses, personal or professional, I write this article, for betterment of planet, so that no more, we have to face looses, in any form of life. Please accept my deepest condolences for the losses.

There was this place, in Universe. Everything was in abundance, there was greenery, animals, birds and humans, all in healthy and wealthy. Then came in greed of human. All this as she tasted the forbidden apple (to be taken in lighter note). Everything was there, but man learned to make bricks, so instead of mud houses were built on bricks, man learned to use coal so instead of residues to burn and provide heat to cook the food, coal was used.

From raw food, man progressed into having processed foods, requiring more things to support all this. Animals and plants didn’t do this. Humans did this, then they wanted to befriend other cultures. Then humans wanted to show to other cultures their best foods, cultures and what not. All this mean more of processed foods, more of refined skills and developments of vehicles in air, water, sea and lands. There was always progress, progress and progress.

Now in 2022, when younger generations see pollutions and climatic uncertainties, they blame the leaders. This is not one person work. Thsi is not a one day work. This is not 10 years work. Though every effort to reduce pollution and climate can help the future. They too want a safe future for you the younger generations.

But know everything is possible, if you believe in it. Hence know it would be done, with better ways to replace energy by better green energy stuffs. More environment friendly techniques can cure all this. Solar, wind and ocean energies have started to be harvested. Come and contribute, and increase the awareness in people why this problem was faced by people of Earth and how the environment leaders are solving these problems.

Climate change adversities was indeed created by demands of hundreds of people over decades in years. It was never for one person that refrigerator was invented. But then globalization was not at peak. Not only, was all the current pollution, green house gases and climate change, foundation stone laid back then when all this started, but it was predicted for sure by scientists back then. The reason for this is humans could predict then also. Just scientist making first cargo ship, never wrote it, or we dont have their writings.

Now today, we cant close all cars, refrigerators, AC, heaters, trains and planes. Can we ? Tell me?

So how can you blame the newly elected environment leaders who have come here to look at how to lower the pollution and how to reduce climate change calamities keeping in view the harm that was already caused.

It was peoples demands, for more costly cars, much competitive prize of children toys, AC to give cold air … These are just examples of some concerns.

It’s not that leaders can’t do it, they can do it, but it is not a one day work. The inscription in hard stone was written with industrial revolution. The amount of coal that trains used to run on was enormous. People pointed it out then as well, but it was allowed. The ships used to work with coal burning as well, ARE YOU READY TO STOP USING SHIPS? Same way can you stop planes and cars ? No — — So let scientist today motivated by leaders find a solution that brings the best in two worlds to your doorsteps.

All these developments were made in years, decades have passed in its accomplishment. People are serious, but have faith it would be achieved all you need is log book to know, how serious people are to solve these issues and how much people want to do to save Earth to pre historic times.

This problem was not made in one day time, so how can it end in few years. The cost of development verses the climate change, needs to be dealt with cautiously.

Book of Destinies — The Medical Childhood Dreams and Love

Note 1: This is a completely fictional story, and it bears no resemblance to any person or any place, living or passed away. The book of destiny is a fictional book.

#story #imagination #Book_of_Destinies

Moral of the Story:

If you keep doing for what you want to achieve, slowly and steadily you can win. Prayers are answered if belief is there. Love and success both are achievable. What you want to achieve can be a professional or personal success. Hard work and persistence lays foundation and belief completes the blank spots in the book of destinies.

In the following story it shows the same.

Her name was Pikey, she was growing to be four year old now. Quite and shy, all she looked at was outside a window. Through this window she saw a school building. She prayed as a four year old child, to get admission in this international school. At times she used to pray several times a day. As she was growing up, she wanted to be a doctor one day.

She entered in preschool given her parents didn’t had money to send her to big school then and she could not learn the internal nursery schooling, on her own. This preschool was in three room house in her neighborhood flat. Her parents never loved her then when she was a girl. Her association was building on her studies. There was emotionless life, and she started taking interest in academics, arts, dance and music. She never had attachments with people around more as everyone ignored her, she was too sweet and too good, but not rich. Relatives never used to meet and only adults from her fathers profession used to visit her parents house, the kids never visited her, none. Life was like this only. The same was in her school, she was called a nerd and laughed at.

She said, “Mama, I can clear interview in school this time, trust me”

Her mother, was so happy to know, and, said, “Sure daughter, we shall take you when time comes for entrance”. She was not her parents favourite but for sure her sweetness as won some amount of space for them to listen to her few demands. She hardly asked anything but somethings rarely.

Here, entering a good school requires an interview and entrance. As she passed the process, the happiness in her heart was profound. She cleared all admission necessities and got admission.

She was reserved and introvert girl since beginning of life. She met a cute boy in school, who’s parents came from outside country. They both were close friends, she choose to become a doctor one day. As she grew, at the time of choosing subjects, she choose her science stream. While he choose much broader subjects of arts and finance. Due to his fathers work, he moves out of the city.

After 18 years they met again. Their excitement knew no limits. The childhood love, the same warmth of hands, and eagerness of ears to hear each other. They gelled up so well and couldn’t stop hugging each other.

She was a renounced doctor now and he was into marketing. Still her heart beats for him and she can see in her mind frame each moment the two spend in school clearly as crystal clear scene.

He told her, “You are so educated and famous doctor”

She said “Yes”.

He said “Can I even think our love will reach the appex”.

These talks continued… . In sometime sooner he proposed Pikey.

They married and lived happily ever after.

Moral Of Story: If you keep doing for what you want to achieve, slowly and steadily you can win. Prayers are answered if belief is there. Love and success both are achievable. What you want to achieve can be a professional or personal success. Hard work and persistence lays foundation and belief completes the blank spots in the book of destiny.

Here both the girls dream came true — — the education and love.

How much is enough! Compete in Tech and Science Now ! North Korea !

How much is enough with no cause?

North Korea was made established around 1945 where in the Russians influenced the North of Korea while the South of Korea was supported by the Americas. This was around the end of World War II. Then in fifties the internal Korean war, fully separated the North and South Korea.

Seventy peaceful years in Korean history have passed. What has happened in past 2 years that North Korea is interested in war combat now? North Korea must know war is no solution to their problems. Was it depression cause by corona, then every person on Earth faced corona impacts. No point in throwing missiles, you can ask how they dealt in with corona.

North Korea must express it’s concerns, and there is no doubt that North Korea is targeting South Korea and the western nations, Why? As South Korea was always supported by west, and now South Korea is a well developed nation, attracting world attentions, in Science, Tech, Travel, Architecture and all kinds of developments.

While on the other hand, North Korea, is isolated nation, a small country. The country exports stitched garments among some other things. This is what we all know about the country. It does not have an open culture to adapt to developed nations recent progresses.

There seem to be a reason for all this. The rockets it is launching? Why not a software company it starts to envy others, why only rockets to envy west and other parts of world? They excel in science and tech too, North Korea must understand that no one is willing to fight the Korean war again, it was 70 years ago.

North Korea, is testing variety of missiles, who is sharing the knowledge of and the design of latest in missiles to North Korea? Is it for another country ? Everything changes with time, so are the old instruments and old missiles. I still suggest to North Korea, to compete in other areas and other aspects of life, not just in missile building.

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The Ocean with bright stars inside a Watery Empty Sky

Note 1: This is a completely fictional story, and it bears no resemblance to any person or any place, living or passed away. The story is cast out in a place far off in Universe away from where even telescopes cannot view it.

The concepts of article are taken from my book:

The Towers of Dreams: Love Filled Dreamy Galaxy: Yadav, Nidhika: 9798771126234: Books

There was this ocean in Universe where the sky was dark, and oceans had shining stars deep within the ocean bed. These shining stars shone through the water. They shined just like dark nights on Earth, but now in an ocean.

They were to reach, the ambassadors of Moon Flame. The King and Queen of the Moon Flame, as others called them, given they only took care of Moon Flame. Their common names for all are kept as Monsa and Monsi, after Moon Flame only. She and him, both were coming to the cliff. As they were coming the stars in the oceans started shining brighter. The sprits of stars could sense the coming of the ultimate happiness.

She reached the cliff, and said to the empty dark sky, “Oh dark skies, shine the lights of oceans stars in you. Oh, my lovely stars of oceans, brighten the sky, why are you sad? My stars of oceans? Let’s us brighten the empty sky, for they wish to shine themselves”.

The waves in oceans rejoiced and started shining bright. Welcoming skies showed mild to moderate lights in the skies send to them by oceans.

He said, “We need to go to other side of the sky, let us pass by, call in the Moon Flame, we want to travel, tell them we need to travel. We shall visit you sooner”

The skies applauded, “Here is the Moon Flame”, and moon flame, started to come to light in dark skies. Moon flame was a reflection not an astronomical body.

They were both standing on a cliff holding hands and looking in deep skies for a tunnel of light. They started talking to each other then, suddenly a sprit of a star bumped up the ocean, she shined like star and was beautiful. She said “Hi your Majesty and royal highness. Do you remember me?” Monsi said, “Yes, I do remember you Absa. How are you doing now, where is your man?” Monsi was so glad to see the spirit of Star Absa came to meet her. The star spirit said, “he is underwater taking care of the star I just came out of to meet you”.

Both the King and Queen reminded each other how they grew stars in this ocean which was sky to under the water world. Monsi said, “I and Monsa, had put you in ocean with love, how can we forget that?”. She continues after a gasp of time, and said, “We send you to the deep ocean bed where you were safe and water was less and your star shined high there, like a bulb.” She added, “Come and hug me sweetie”. These were bright stars that burn in this kind of fluid which was water for this part of universe.

In the meanwhile, the change in skies and in the ocean in this time was profound. As the Ambassador of Moons asked for Moon tunnels flame. And now the moon flame was shining in the sky, visible and profound. The tunnel of light in darkest color sky looked like moon with a flame and had pathway just below it.

In this time seeing this so many star sprits came out to meet Monsa and Monsi, the ambassadors of Moon Flame.

Monsa and Monsi bid goodbye to the sprits with their kind words. They hugged as many sprits, and thanked even the lands and materials. Monsa said “To all those who came out to sing, dance or meet in the sky to rejoice our coming to them and leaving for other works, we wish you best times ahead, till we meet you once again”. “We will call you to meet us, very soon, pre-booked tickets”. No farewell could had been more love filled.

They held hands tightly as they were making angle to stand on their heels, to fly in air just any second after it.

After they reach the sky, the night was different, the sky on the other side of tunnel was far more beautiful. Below was the sky they reached up to and coming out to Moon Tunnel was just a surprise to them.

In these beautiful colored star night, in navy blue sky they held hands and vowed again to bring light to the dark ocean worlds where there was little lights and the stars in the oceans are not very happy.

The two were enjoying each others company, soon the skies brightned, and Monsa called in “Star of deep oceans, come and visit us here, the pathway is open for ever, and coming here wont be tough now on”

They rejoiced, and danced holding hands, in the twinkling stars nights. Many sprits started coming to world of lights from dark oceans.

Note 2. Many of these paintings are made with AI. In particular AI’s latest products.

Hi November, 2022

Hi everyone,

Here are my articles in past month of October. These are provided here so that you may not miss anything covered on my other blogging accounts. Take care and wishing your happy November, 2022.

Global Issues

Artificial Intelligence

Fiction Articles


Whale’s Doctor Stuff

It’s sad to hear that each year so many whales loose lives by landing up on busy or isolated islands and entering lands. Here are some questions and answers that we seek with help of these questions.

This article is about how whale’s doctors can help in these lost big fishes!

Do whales need doctors?

If so, what kind of treatment whales & sharks respond to?

Alas, do they need out of water treatments? I doubt to say yes in this! Do water treatments succeed ? Where are the statistics.

What would whale respond more to?

Out of water treatment ? Or inside water treatment? Perhaps deep-down treatment when the atmospheric pressure is best suited to whale and likes ?

Out of water treatment? How will they breathe for long out of water. How long can these big fishes breathe outside water, one needs to take into account this fact.

Or inside water treatment?

Or they would love more deep down the water treatment? Near the ocean bed ?

Can this save lives of sharks and whales who lost their paths and landed up on sand by mistakes on isolated islands where humans can’t find them, to treat them?

Only whales’ doctors can lay guidelines of treatment of such whales and sharks, and lets hope whales doctors help laying guidelines in keeping whales safer.

Note: These images are made with AI products. The images here are made with DALL E.2 software. Thanks.

The Tree Women, Arts, Paints

Note: The facts, arts, depiction here are all imaginative. The names and association of topic to trees is imaginary and is for purpose of art only. All concepts here are fictitious and bear no relation and resemblance to real life science and phenomenons.

This is the green tree Angel, she lives in trees, her name is Miss Tree Pyi? This paint shows shades of brightness in tree brought by the Tree Angel as she moves past the tree, she brings in vigour.

Next, a distinct tree, this tree takes shape of feminine curves, hence called here as a feminine tree, in deep sunlight. This paint shows feminine tree touching skies. And the leaves of tree shining yellow and light green in high sunlight.

Next is a Modern art, is a vivid Tree Woman, the colors show the energy level around the tree , in bark and on leaves of tree.

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The feminine tree touching skies

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This is a vivid Tree Woman

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We wish you a pleasant Sunday! Bye !