She loved Magical Robot (Story-5)

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Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence.

After the meeting Marita and Teddy met in the floors pantry to have tea.

Marita: What would you take Teddy, tea or coffee?

Teddy: I want coffee. Then I shall tell you how my dear robot made coffee. It feels weird to call him robot, he is so much like us. My dear Miso coffee, I shall call it.

Marita: So sweet of you, here is your coffee form coffee machine.

Teddy: Thank You Marita.

Marita: How was your coffee and what else Miso did?

Teddy: Coffee was nice, I shall teach him beaten coffee soon.

Marita: Wow, beaten coffee by Robot, what a dream come true for single people like us.

Teddy: Yes, indeed.

Marita: What else Miso did, I am asking you Teddy, you are lost in work, it seems like so.

Teddy: Yes, he made my bed today and staked all books in shelf.

Marita: Wow, you teached him?

Teddy: No, no dear, it downloaded Nisa company video from internet and followed instructions. Those were interactive videos also take feedbacks while showing next steps.

Marita: Cool, Miso Rocks!

Teddy: Let me finish the tasks, may be in eve you can come over to see him yourself.

Marita: Sure, thank. Carry on buddy. Catch you at 5!

Marita and Teddy got back to work.

Marita came to Teddy seat at 5 pm and sat there.

Marita: Hey, buddy, are you done for the day.

Teddy: No, I am not done for the day. But I shall wrap up the work as you are too eager to meet my Robot Miso. The Magical Robot.

Marita: You know that already.

Teddy: I shall carry on this tomorrow. Lets go.

Teddy took Marita to his car.

Teddy: Where shall be your car Marita?

Marita: Oh, I left driving when I sold my old car. I come via cab these days.

Teddy: Ok, that is fine. Perhaps you should not try Robots to drive cars.

Marita: There are self-driving cars, they score low in intelligence needed for fully automated drives on these roads filled with traffic and jams.

Teddy: Yes, thats for sure true. Alas, we can test Miso on drive, I shall check with the company, for your sake, if you like to know.

Marita: We shall ask Miso first. Lols Teddy, you are so funny.

Teddy: Oh, yeah you know me now, its time now, that we are working together.

Marita: Yes, so, there are still things you dont know about me.

Teddy: Oh girl, that shall always be the case. But I can tell you I know you a lot well.

Marita: Here we come, I shall get down, give me the keys, I want to surprize your Robot.

Teddy Laughing gave home keys to Marita.

Teddy pressed call button on Miso but before that Marita opened the door.

Marita: Miso hi, where are you?

Now, the wake up button message which Teddy pressed reached Miso.

Miso: I am here, who is calling? This is not my owner Teddy?

Marita: Oh you are hiding behind the door.

She said this after trying to gather where the voice came from.

Miso: Hiding behind the door ? No I am not hiding behind the door. Whos is hiding? I have a chair where I sit, see here.

Marita: Oh, you have your charging chair.

Miso: Yes, can I know who are you?

Marita: I am Marita, did Teddy ever spoke about me?

Miso: Wait, I have a voice call and voice message on my wrist. Let me hear it.

Miso clicked the button on his wrist and pressed it for a little longer time.

The message box said: My friend Marita is coming to house, welcome her well.

Miso: Oh, there is a welcome message for you Marita.

Marita: Yeah, he cheated, I wanted to test on you.

Miso: Thats ok, come have a seat.

Miso pointed her to living room.

Marita: No Miso, show me the house.

Miso: Ok, since you are a friend, come.

Miso was starting to show her house that Teddy came in.

Teddy: Marita come have a seat or lets have a coffee made by Miso.

Marita: Ok

Teddy: Miso I ll show her house you start making coffee.

Marita: Cool

Miso was going to kitchen that Marita intervened.

Marita: I want to see Miso work.

Teddy: Ok dear, lets follow him to kitchen then

Marita was surprised by how Miso made coffee for two this time.

When Miso was ready he said.

Miso: Coffee is ready.

Sharp Marita, immediately said, serve this to us in living room.

Marita: Can he do this Teddy?

Teddy: Yes he can. Miso should I tell you or you can do it yourself?

Miso: Wait for 2 minutes, I shall download Nisa company instruction in my main memory. I download only things that can be used to best serve my owner. Actually, some people feed in their own specifications so I dont put everything in memory. These are interactive videos which are used to guide Robots like me to complete tasks.

Marita: Ok Miso download and do this task.

Miso: Ok

Teddy saw all this and was happy to introduce Marita with Miso or Miso with Marita, perhaps both ways.

Miso: I am ready, here is the tray, I scanned in kitchen. I take up the cups on tray and here you are. Would you be in kitchen or living room.

Marita laughed and said.

Marita: Come in living room

Miso asked the interactive video and said, how to unload the tray?

Video says.

Video: Bend down near table, keeping hands in same position and keep tray on table.

Miso: Here is table, I bend down and here is coffee tray on table.

In the mean time Marita and Teddy seated themselves on couches. Come hand over the coffee to both of us Miso.

Miso searched his arms for another command, hand over coffee, he wrote on search for commands there.

Miso: I see.

Miso took one coffee from table by handle and gave it to Marita and another to Teddy.

Marita: This is so good. I am so pleased. I too need a robot like Miso.

Teddy: You can take one, I took it on installment.

Marita: Cool. Miso bring something to eat.

Teddy: Wait I will bring.

Marita: Come on why you are so light on Miso. Miso can do it!

Teddy: He is new, just like my child. I dont want it to overdo, I want it to take time. He is listening and understanding all this too. This is also his work.

Marita: Ok, as you like. Send me the invitation to buy a Robot from Nisa Company.

Teddy: Sure

Marita: I shall wait. This is really magical thing, for single people like us. Wow!

Teddy: Yes Miso is a Magical Robot.

Note: These were interactions of a newly bought personal robot with its nice owner Teddy. These are fictional characters and the conversation is fictitious. No such robot exists till now. But the aim of mankind is to learn what it wants, hence imagination is a way to start this journey. We have to imagine what we need then only we can build what is needed.

Note: Some images in the article are made by OpenAI toolkit DALL-E2

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