Miso The Magical Robot Story — 6

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Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence.

Robot Miso was excited after hearing talks of Teddy and Marita. Robot Miso said, one of my likes coming soon. He said, he is glad to hear this.

Robo Miso: I would guide the new robot for you Marita.

Marita: Oh, that is lovely. You listen to all that we say.

Robo Miso: Yes I do hear and apprehend and store the information as well. It’s all uploaded on the server.

Marita: Oh Miso you are so nice, I wish I could take you only. But I cant as Teddy loves you so much too. You know that?

Robo Miso: Yes, Marita I know my owner loves and care for me a lot.

Teddy: Oh someone appreciating me.

Robo Miso: Yes.

Marita: Yes, you are worth appreciation.

Teddy: It’s getting late Marita, should I drop you home?

Marita: No, I shall do a cab.

Marita wanted teddy to leave her home, but she never said that.

Teddy: Come on, lets take Robo Miso too in car, then you won’t say No.

Marita: Well…

Teddy: Robo Miso, ready for drive to drop Marita?

Robo Miso: Yes, I am thrilled for my first drive with you Teddy and Marita.

Marita: Yeah, Robo Miso, lets go.

Marita and Robo Miso stood outside house while Teddy closed the door.

Teddy: Lets go, let’s take the elevator down to parking area.

Teddy pressed the elevator button and waited for the elevator to come to their floor.

Teddy: Come in Miso and Marita.

They both entered the elevator after Teddy and Teddy pressed the elevator button to parking in the basement.

Robo Miso: We reached the parking. Let’s get out now.

Marita: Where is the car, I always forget where I park, Miso, where is it?

Miso: Follow me.

Teddy: Haha

Teddy laughingly followed Robo Miso.

Teddy: We need right turn Miso, Robo Miso, car is just on your right.

Robo Miso: Yes here it is, but I navigated right most of the way.

Teddy: Yes, a longer path you suggested.

Robo Miso: I didn’t have the GPS location of the cab, just visuals of the path we followed.

Marita: It’s ok Miso. Come sit with me at the back seat. Can we Teddy?

Teddy: Yes, you both can have fun on back seat. You still stay in Magenta Place, Marita?

Marita: Yes Teddy. You are right.

Robo Miso: I shall put it on my GPS. Its 15 minutes from here.

Marita: Super fast Robo.

Robo Miso: Thanks Marita.

Teddy: Robo, the car has inbuilt navigator, you can relax now by closing your GPS.

Robo Miso: It’s ok, I won’t trouble you, it’s for my learning, as Marita is so close to both of us. Hehe.

Marita: You are such a nice Robo. You would soon have another Robo to do all fun with.

Robo Miso: You are having one robo?

Marita: Yes, I plan to get one robot for myself.

Robo Miso: That was a red light, you missed it?

Teddy: That was non functional one Miso.

Miso: Thanks for informating me, I shall update my learnings.

Soon they reached Magenta Place, where Marita stays.

Marita: Come over to my house sometime?

Teddy: Next time Marita, next time direct form office. It’s getting late now and tomorrow is office too.

Marita: Ok, see you tomorrow in office. Bye Robo Miso.

Marita hugged with cheek touching Teddy cheeks.

She even hugged Robo Miso.

Teddy: Don’t miss us, we shall visit you tomorrow direct from office. I shall bring Robo Miso to office, he would wait on driving seat while we do out work in office.

Robo Miso: Cool, me as a driver of this beautiful car!

Marita: Bring him to office Teddy

Teddy: Come on, boss will get angry

Marita: Ok we ll ask boss then

Teddy: Hahaha

Miso: Hahaha

And the story continues…………..

Note: These were interactions of a newly bought personal robot with its nice owner Teddy. These are fictional characters and the conversation is fictitious. No such robot exists till now. But the aim of mankind is to learn what it wants, hence imagination is a way to start this journey. We have to imagine what we need then only we can build what is needed.

Note: Some images in the article are made by OpenAI toolkit DALL-E2

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