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Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence.

Teddy after dropping off Marita, got back to his car with Robo Miso.

Teddy: Miso, come sit on driving seat.

Robo Miso: Me, I know driving but I have never done driving on these roads.

Teddy: How much driving you know Robo?

Robo Miso: I know a complete driving course on semi automatic cars and more. I can drive well with my image recognition, and I can append the driving laws with local driving rules and jargon.

Teddy: That is good.

Robo Miso: Thank You.

Teddy: I will inform you of the jargon rules of local driving.

Robo Miso: Ok sure Teddy. I can see you are exhausted.

Teddy: Yes a bit, a busy day it was.

Robo Miso: I know, any help I can do?

Teddy: Miso, come sit on driving seat.

Robo Miso: Ok

Teddy said as Robo Miso fits himself on driving seat.

Teddy: I am preparing you for tomorrow. You would visit my office tomorrow. While I am at work you would sit in the car. You don’t have to do anything, just fit in the seat, I do not want you to be stolen by someone, so you look like a driver of car, and if needed you can drive the car too, as you said you know driving.

Robo Miso: Ok cool, I got it Teddy. This would be fine.

Teddy: Try reversing car.

Robo Miso: Wait let me see all tools here from driving seat. It would take time, but I shall do it.

Teddy: How much time you need to drive my car?

Robo Miso: May be 2 weekends of practice and recommendations.

Teddy: I was told difference between automatic car and robot driving car is that Robots can make driving more personalized. How do you do that?

Robo Miso: Yes, I can learn more than a car, I stay with you, I know your jargon, I know the places such as Magenta Place. I know the birthdays and dates. The automatic car does not. So I sitting on top of an automatic car is like a personalized car.

Teddy: That sounds so good Miso.

Robo Miso: Yes, I know your icecream shop, I know your tailor shop, where ever we pass that place, I can inform you, slow the speed for you to watch your favorite bird. All this todays automated cars can’t do. May be automated cars may want to add these features in them for sales. But at present these features are not there in AI based automated cars.

Teddy: I am impressed and I am so happy to have you with me.

Robo Miso: Yes, I shall learn the buttons on some weekend when you are free. I have noted them all, I shall push in and try all these things when you have an off.

Teddy: Right, come and let us go home now. It was a busy day.

Marita: Hey guys, take care, message me when you reach home. I came back to see what you guys are up to.

Robo Miso: Bye Marita.

Teddy: Bye dear

They reached home, Teddy drove, and, on the way, Teddy gave Robo Miso a lot of jargon to be aware of. He even taught him the buttons and all things on the steering, his favorite music to AC temperatures he keeps.

Robo Miso: It was a nice day for me I learned a lot today.

Teddy: Yes, I have shown you all buttons, I shall review them on weekend when we will go on the learning class and my dear Robot Miso would drive? Would you?

Robo Miso: My first step is short empty roads.

Teddy: Haha

Robo Miso: We will ask Marita to accompany us

Teddy: Hahaha

And the story continues…………..

Note: These were interactions of a newly bought personal robot with its nice owner Teddy. These are fictional characters and the conversation is fictitious. No such robot exists till now. But the aim of mankind is to learn what it wants, hence imagination is a way to start this journey. We have to imagine what we need then only we can build what is needed.

Note: Some images in the article are made by OpenAI toolkit DALL-E2

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