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Note: All characters here are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone alive or who passed away. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence. The stories can be read in any order.

Teddy: Here, the car is parked in basement 1, and this slot. Click a pic of it Miso, the parking is huge, we are near Lift -2 for this floor of parking.

Robo Miso: Yes Teddy.

Teddy: In case boss calls you up, as Marita, would for sure inform boss, dont call me Teddy, my house name is Teddy but my real name is Thomas.

Robo Miso: You are not Teddy?

Teddy: I am, that is my name in house. But my real name is Thomas for all places outside house.

Robo Miso: Ok Thomas.

Thomas: Thanks Miso. In office call me Thomas if you forget then call me boss only.

Robo Miso: Sure

Thomas: I head to third floor. There is my office. Be seated on driving seat. If I call you lock the door of car when you get out, I shall guide you, or I shall come in to take you up.

Robo Miso: Ok Thomas, I shall wait here only for you.

Thomas: See you after my lunch time, rest and in case you want to talk to me press the button on your arms, as usual.

Robo Miso: Yes Boss.

Thomas went out in lift and head for office and started days work.

Marita: Hey Thomas, Good Morning, How are you doing?

Thomas: I am good Marita. How are you doing?

Marita: I am good. Is Miso in for today?

Thomas: Yes Miso is in car as planned.

Marita: Cool, we will talk to Boss after lunch. See you.

Thomas: Sure.


Marita: Its so anxious, how to tell boss?

Thomas: Yeah, you will tell, it was your plan.

Marita: Ok, ok, I will start the talk with boss.

Thomas: Good.

Marita goes to her Boss office and asks.

Marita: Sir, I wanted to talk to you for some few minutes, if you have time.

Hellany: Yes Marita, tell me. Come in have a seat.

Marita: Hellany, there is a concern I wanted to ask you. I want to buy a robot and I need a loan for it. I have a home loan too.

Hellany: Why you need a robot, you work good.

Marita: I need it, as I am single, I have that space in my life.

Hellany: Ok, go ahead, but I cant assure more.

Marita: Have a look at it, Thomas have brought his Robot to office. Have a look once.

Hellany: Oh, Thomas too in this Nisa company robot gamble.

Marita: No, its not a gamble

Hellany: Then what it is. Is it worth the price?

Marita: Yes Sir, it is worth the price, that is why Thomas have brought it to office. To convince you. As if we buy three robots the price would slash by half, it means one robot is free.

Hellany: Ok, bring him in office, may be you may get more people to buy it.

Marita: Yeah, thanks Hellany.

Hellany: Wait, I ll call Thomas on intercom. Thomas, come in here.

Thomas: Yes, Hellany.

Hellany: Where is Robot ?

Thomas: In car Sir. If you buy one Marita and you shall get a robot each in half price. That is the deal Marita came up to you for. And its a good one. There are professional robots, you can take the one for profession while Marita needs a personal robots, as do I have a personal robot.

Hellany: Lets go to parking then and meet him there.

Thomas: Yes Sir, as you like.

Hellany: But what would professional robots do? Would they help me in my work in office

Marita: Yes Hellany.

Hellany: Let us go to parking then and meet then.

Marita: Yeah

Hellany: Dont be so excited Marita, I have not approved it yet.

Marita: I know you would like Robot Miso and approve it.

Thomas: Hellany, we could have offered this offer to anyone, I have a coupon but Marita wanted you to get rebated robot form Nisa. You know she likes you a lot.

Hellany: Yes I know, thank you guys.

The three reached parking lot.

Marita: Miso, here you are.

As she opens the door of the car.

Thomas: Come out of car Miso. Look our Boss have come to meet your Boss.

Robo Miso: Thank you for coming to meet me.

Hellany: Its my pleasure. Lets go for a drive and Marita, tell me more about Miso.


Thomas: He is bit naive in driving right now. I mean I have not checked him yet.

Hellany: Ok, we are here to help him. Yours is an automatic car, it should not be difficult Thomas?

Thomas: Give me time Sir, I shall try driving with him slowly.

Hellany: Oh! So how do you plan to give me a demo, to make be buy a robot? And in any way you know Marita have asked first time anything for me, so I wont say no. She dont even ask for hikes or promotions. Sleeping beauty.

Marita: Thanks Hellany. Promotions, I believe in your evaluations and hikes, you provide it when I need. I trust you so I dotn fight with you regarding this.

Hellany: Thomas always fights for promotion and increaments, on the top of what I give him, and then he threatens to change the company at times, that I then have to take him out for beer party, to cool him.

Thomas: Yes Hellany, thanks, I love the warmth in this culture, that I stay in here, this is the warmth created by you Hellany.

Hellany: Thanks Teddy, oh sorry Thomas.

They all were laughing.

Hellany: Lets take him to office at 4 pm. I dont need to ask anything form Miso Robot, as you guys are doubtlessly trusted.

Marita: But he is fun, try talking to him.

Robo Miso: Oh, yes I am fun, I have heard it so many times by both of them. Should I count and tell?

Hellany: You remember how many times they said this and applauded you?

Robo Miso: Yes, I can look back all conversations and tell you.

Hellany: Cool, would you like to see your boss office?

Robo Miso: Yes in family time.

Hellany: You even know this. I will wait for you upstairs, take permissions from Human Resourse, and call Thomas, you can come up then, right?

Robo Miso: Yes

Marita: Yeah

Thomas: Yes, we will wait here Hellany.

And the story continues…………..

Note: These were interactions of a newly bought personal robot with its nice owner Teddy. These are fictional characters and the conversation is fictitious. No such robot exists till now. But the aim of mankind is to learn what it wants, hence imagination is a way to start this journey. We have to imagine what we need then only we can build what is needed.

Note: Some images in the article are made by OpenAI toolkit DALL-E2

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