The Plant for Arosal on Planet Haukhayi

Please Note: This is a purely fictional   story and bears no resemblance to any person living or passed away. This story is casted in a far off place in universe on Planet Haukhayi . This story and characters are not related to any known mythologies.  All places and characters are fictional.

She landed Planet Haukhayi now, a planet with plants of all kinds, even there was a natural plant for sexual arosal- no just body arosal, not the spirit arosal.

Gariati has been told to marry again. On this planet, Planet Haukhayi, there are certain plants to weaken one sexually as well. It means just like a science fiction things– a new things in science fiction- something like a Viagra—–on some known planets. That plant name is kabnakayu. Plant kabnakayu on Planet Haukhayi when mixed in water or food, makes a personal sexually weeker. Gariati don’t want to explain any further.

Gariati still didn’t took Planet Haukhayi plant kabnakayu, on her seriously, as physical pains she tried to look over them. She needs some one who could stimulate her sprits and souls not body. While this  plant to make someone sexually aroused by making their organs react to these stimulus were given to the person. Still they could not win her heart, soul and sprits. It was weird.

The plant was hidden from the universe. While Planet Haukhayi used it, they had studies on all kind of plants and insects harmful enzymes which are present in entire Universe. Enzymes, was what they played with.

The plant was known to all sooner, and was banned to be grown ever again. This is the happy ending of the story. She was able to live free from the influence of this plant effect on her body, plant for arosal. She thought it should be well used on those in need be it animals on extinctions not on people like her – who doing no bad– but sometimes even good hurts the some.

While those who were with her excelled she was stopped on Planet Haukhayi with this Plant kabnakayu leaves juice. So this can be easily done. Those girls who excelled — said yes to both Plant kabnakayu and to the wrongs. Is it not game playing ? Planet Haukhayi ? You allowing those who say yes to Planet Haukhayi and you to excel by over indulging efforts and all the approaches to get their work done, while she is being slowed down ? Why ? She have right to live in her way as well !

Planet Haukhayi is a weird planet. In the end she ate all of Plant kabnakayu along with roots so that neither they have it for their play, nor girls like her are teased with this Plant kabnakayu.

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